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Troubles getting into it
I hope this is the right forum section.

I love Sindome and it's attention to detail and the gritty atmosphere but I find it extremely hard to play for long without feeling like I've hit a brick wall in progression on both the RP front and the moving-up-from-sleeping-on-the-street front. I find myself unable to adequately interact with others as a result of overwhelming anxiety and I find it damn near impossible to get enough money for clothes that aren't bargain bin clothes from the store near the Withmore Gate.

Again, I want to love Sindome, but I don't know if I'm missing a vital concept in standard gameplay, or if the anxiety issue also interferes with my ability to progress as a character. Such issues have pretty much made me internally shun the idea of sending job applications, if that counts for anything.

I suffer pretty badly from anxiety, and it's definitely made me stop myself from having my character run out and do stuff I think might be interesting because I'm afraid of about five different layers of things that might go bad, most totally unfounded and only present because that's how anxiety brains work. Trust me, I know it sucks.

But, I'm also a tabletop GM and player who loves rolling with things crumbling apart. Things are always cooler when I take a failure and intentionally ride it. I like playing up flaws and disasters because I don't mind seeing my pathetic characters flounder around in them. In fact it's usually a lot more fun to dig out of a mess as it happens and collaborate with other players than it is to dig out of a mess someone had planned and outlined from the start.

Really, the most important thing to at least try to set your mind on is, what's the worst that could happen? Seriously, what is the worst that could happen? Smart, interesting players, which Sindome assuredly has, aren't interested in a boring, quick climax, and they're not going to let you suffer that. If you do something and the floor falls out from under you, scrabble around! But don't just scrabble around for no reason, go out and do stuff, find out what people want, apply your character's talents (not all of which involve a skill roll), and then do the scrabbling once everything's gone to hell. Or maybe it hasn't, and you've got a fat stack of chyen and some new allies. Learn to love losing, because losing is fun! It makes the wins that much more satisfying, too.

Staff and players alike are obviously interested in cool, active stuff going on. It's what keeps Sindome interesting. Find people, chat with them, prove you're cool, and they'll probably want to rope you in on their misadventures. The classic text-game conundrum is a lack of players playing in a pretty outdated style of game. If you're down for actually playing a character, everyone really wants you here.

The activities associated with a job can be really good fodder for roleplay, even if the pay sucks. You might have to @note on a gridmail and/or be patient for a puppet, but a job can be a common link between your character and others, i.e. fuel for interaction! It'll also give you money to buy cool toys which you can then proceed to start any number and variation of fires with, in a figurative sense.

It can be tough to actually apply these things in practice, and I know I could stand to take some of my own advice when I'm floundering around unsure of what to do to start stuff up, but when things hit around here, they're really fun. It's just that you have to take the step out there. It's not that nobody's interested in pulling you in, but they can't drag you into the deep end if they don't even know you exist.