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Too Much Troublemaking?

The new dispatcher mentioned in the recent game updates thread is fantastic for flavor, but it might be firing a bit too often. I'd be interested to hear from others if we'd want to consider dialing it back.
Are you talking about the dispatcher update that makes sure NPC cab drivers get back in their cabs?
From Slither's post:


I've added a new scheduled ambiance feature for the dispatcher. It will dispatch an anti-corporate troublemaker to VS or NLM (if there are corpsec agents online), and have them start trouble. I won't get into what that trouble is. It can be found ICly. Then someone at the corp will report the troublemaker, and ask for corpsec to get rid of them.

This should be a good training opportunity for corpsec agents, and a nice challenge from time to time.

Fairly certain the reason it's firing off so much is because it's new and it's getting balanced, with tweaks and changes being (noticeably) made. Also staff activating them frequently at the forefront because it's new and exciting for both parties, and figure out any potential bugs.