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Skillsoft Changes
Discussion and complaints

Let's talk here for things that may or may not be appropriate for the feedback thread.
With the specific changes that were made to Skillsofts last year, is it now possible given various Sindome mechanics and balances to have a Dodge Skillsoft?

I feel that given a completely even playing field, it is a little unfair that someone can walk up with a firearm skill related Skillsoft slotted and instantly have the upper hand in combat, while a non-combat character does not have anything to help avoid battle and escape from imminent death.

Given the very slow learning times coupled with the near instant forgetting, a Dodge Skillsoft would give the non combats a helping hand in escaping from the initial attacks and confusion of combat before they take too many hits and get it knocked out of their skull.

Any thoughts?

A non-combat could character could also get a skillsoft and combat related chip and potentially even the playing field. Conversely, they could hire bodyguards or make friends with some gangers to have on call.

I consider most non-combatants as hard mode, but they aren't helpless. They just need to be more creative about how to address the issue than someone that can walk up like 'me have gun. you weak. me shoot.'

Easier said than done when skillsofts so easily get knocked out during combat.

I will add though that the knowledge from a soft doesn’t disappear instantaneously when the soft is removed, it takes about an hour.

Skillsofts getting knocked out isn't really a drawback to combat anymore, due to the timed unloading. Annoying, sure, but you will definitely be able to finish a fight.
I would just mildly caution those patch notes on skillsoft changes suggest one thing, but actually mean something that is slightly different then what I think many players took away from them, and players should probably test these mechanics before relying on them too significantly for their character builds.