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Regarding SICADs
ASCII in the brain?

I've kinda noticed this recently. Some of the SICADs have ASCII art on them, right? It's supposed to represent the images that the specific ad is flashing into your brain. Now, ASCII art is tricky, and it can be hard to interpret sometimes. But far too often people interpret the ASCII in SICADs in the worst possible way, almost as if they were actually subjected to the ASCII characters in-character.

Am I alone in thinking that maybe we shouldn't do that? That we should interpret ASCII art in ads as full-fledged illustrations beamed int our brains, instead of the easily misinterpreted art?

I don't see the issue here. Illustrations can absolutely be badly done, or allow for a different interpretation. Or remind someone of something else entirely.

If you think that the offered interpretation is silly, just let your character make a remark. E.g.: "If you think that image shows X, you need a psych eval."