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Requests etc.

So, I have been thinking lately of a way we could be able to request puppets a little easier without pestering admin via xhelp.

Being in a timezone 18 hours ahead of Dome time it can be hard to find a puppet or contact admin who aren't at work without staying awake until 4 in the morning. And it honestly feels like I am pestering when I linger and talk to NPC's because I don't know if an admin is available for puppeting or simply checking in from work.

I was wondering if we could have an @puppet system. Kind of like @bug.

Where we file a request for a puppet if regular methods aren't working IE talking to the NPC's or calling them.

And Admin can file notes and say, well I will be available for this on Tuesday at 11am Dome time. And players can check their @puppet requests and agree to the times.

This is a bit of work to set up I know, but it takes away the factor of talking to NPC's every day and getting no response and it will let players know they aren't being ignored. Because admin's have lives too.

Just an idea.

Not sure if I should have filed this here, it's not a complaint. Just an idea.
Why not add a note? They read those. Just keep it IC.
Pocketface has been around a while, I don't think he's ignorant of that, but, I actually do agree with ralof, the problem isn't that there's no system in place, the problem is more along the lines of
Yeah, I leave fairly regular @notes and if I have been looking for one for a while i'll include it inside the note.

My purpose is more to explain what NPC you need and why. For example.

@Puppet Request.

NPC: Buddy @ Kro's Kar Kare.

Why: Been trying to contact Buddy for 3 weeks now to enquire if he sells lawn mowers.

Or something like that. So you state who you're looking for and why. So if it is a long puppet requiring a lot of work busy admin can skip it over, or someone can pick it up and let you know. And if it's a time consuming puppet, for example Slither could jump on and leave a note on your request saying. "I'll be free to handle this 3pm Dome time".

I think it's a pretty pointless system except for people who are in odd time zones like myself.

Another option would be to expand the @note system, so that admins can leave notes for players. So when a player puts something in an @note, be it needing a puppet or some master plan they have. An admin can leave an OOC note about it, "I'll be available at "X" time" or whatever else.
I think letting admins add comments or their own notes for players would be really useful - it would also help for admins requesting more details on player plots.
The next gen notes system that exists only in my head at present will unify player and admin notes so that admin can file player visible notes along with a host of other important things like a proper search.

We have an incredibly deep note store on the admin side (the player side is growing faster though). thousands of them. And we're expanding what notes can be filed on. A concrete Plot object now exists for even better organization.

I see player notes that allude or outright mention times, puppets, etc. I also see the GMs not connecting with these 100%. The notes solution is a half-measure and I will be moving to address the puppeting problem. Right now its based on GMs noticing. We recently introduced an admin side alert covering a number of player states that need GM attention: history, redecs, jobs, resumes, etc. It's highly visible and in their face, so I'll probably do something for puppets along the same lines. It will likely be based on npc interactions with no response.