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Pressure to perform
De-emphasize perfection

So, this is based wholly upon my perception, but in -CERTAIN- parts of the game, there is a meta-pressure to perform flawlessly, with zero mistakes. I believe this leads to a certain amount of the risk aversion that can be observed.

I believe this causes the aversion to risk, as effectively every possible operation becomes a "high risk' endeavor. By allowing and accepting mistakes from an NPC managerial perspective, I believe players will have more leeway to scheme, plot, and attempt things without the overhanging fear of loosing a year's worth of effort because of something as small as a misunderstanding of a game mechanic thatm ay not operate as logically intended.

Again, this is just from my perspective. I've seen and experienced being absolutely crushed by an NPC because of a mechanical misunderstanding or a simple mistake. It has certainly tinted how I operate in this game of cooperative competition, which my it's very definition requires people at least 'try' to win at their schemes.

I would be much more willing to attempt something personally if an 'L' didn't automatically mean losing a ton of hard work. A pattern of stupid risks without return would be required instead, giving me the breathing room to mess up, lick my wounds, and understudy someone else for a bit while the heat cools off.

I don't know how this can turn into a profitable discussion to influence real change without specific examples. This seems like something to send over email.

You reference certain parts of the game, so this isn't a game wide critique anyone here can agree or disagree with.

Please don't make Charisma your dump stat.
Hard to respond to such a vague complaint but I will try. We have made a lot of changes over the last two years to address this specific issue. I can not think of anyone who has gone from a positive relationship to hate or from employed to fired on one fell swoop outside of a few extreme circumstances in over a year. In relation to NPCs at least. I can't speak to PC relations with other PCs.

We specifically go out of our way to avoid the 'one and done' approach. Beyond that it is also always possible to try and recover standing or positions or whatever. It will take time and effort. IC time and effort. And it will take you having your PC proactively pursue it. It will never be guaranteed but you can try and I have seen it happen.

And yes, we do consider charisma when PCs interact with NPCs but it is not a free pass.