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Pose Eating Punctuation
Nothing says 'I love you' like mashed together sentences

Admittedly I get pretty elaborate with poses, but losing a comma or a full stop can pretty much destroy the meaning of a sentence or paragraph, so it's frustrating when they vanish in poses. Are the limitations of pose documented anywhere as far as clauses and punctuation? I'm never sure if it's a bug or I'm just pushing the envelope when it happens. Which is often.
Never end a posed sentence on these words:

me/myself, potentially I and I think a possessive of player's name and her/him/his. It'll eat the punctuation.

Also if you use 'I' to start your next sentence it'll automatically lowercase the pronoun.

Along these lines, spoof seems to eat quotation marks. This can be bad if you're trying to do something along the lines of a post + dialogue.
That one isn't a bug. Spoof cannot create dialogue because it is omniscient narration and doesn't necessarily project from your character.
Spoof notes that your name must be included, either through typing it into the message or using %n, so it's very clearly allowed to be about your character. It's useful because it lets you make your emotes a little bit more flexible.

The stage creaks as Joe Baka steps up onto it.

The stage creaks as Joe Baka steps up onto it, and he murmurs into the microphone. "Check..."

I'm so into this. I am also an elaborate writer (I'm not saying 'poser' because that doesn't sound right) and pose has this ability to make my elaborately thought out sentences.. well, less elaborate.

This mostly happens around pronouns (him/her/me/my). If it ends on a sentence, the period goes missing, as does the capitalization on the next. 'Mine' also doesn't work next to punctuation, but does on its own.

Overall, I've mostly just learned 'to read Sindome' and I recognize what my RP partners are trying to say, but if this ever got fixed, I will bake cookies for whoever fixes it.

Spoof doesn't process speech according to the language system, this is the main reason it can't include quotes.

It's not intended to be a "just-me" tool, it's intended to be used to describe ambient effects of or influences on your character.

And that's why the language system wasn't built into it. Quotes got removed from spoof after its abusability (bypassing $language) was recognized.

"Help spoof" makes clear that speech isn't supported and describes the design intention of spoof.

Ellipses disappear from time to time, too, and I've yet to find a rhyme or reason for it.

I love writing in first person because it's so immersive, but there are enough issues with .pose that I many have to go back to :emote.