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Oh God help I have no idea what I did
I had no idea where else to put this

First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the right area to put this. It's a problem with the game, but a personal, mechanical problem. I would've done an xhelp or service request, but, well, I can't, really. I'll explain that later.

To start off at the very beginning. This is I think my third character of serious on and off Sindome. My last character was made months and months ago, definitely past the deletion time, I think. Now I've wanted to get back into it, try with a new kind of character, as this is a great place.

However, when I logged back into the forums, I saw that my character was still under the 'Your Characters' tab. I thought it was strange, and tried to reset my password (as I'd forgotten it), in order to log on, and properly restart. No email ever came though, so I assumed that the character and all was dead and gone and deleted, and thought it was just a forum issue. This is problem #1.

So, I moved on to making a new character, logged in as a guest, requested a new character, got emailed, put in the temp login, e-z. I go through the character creation, and start to write my history, but stop to assign UE once the character itself is made. It's then I discover my UE from past characters has NOT carried over. (Problem #2) I think this is also weird, and xhelp, due to not wanting to post on the forums. A staff member (Dreamer) helps me out right away, but, they seem kinda confused too, because I technically have two characters, with one in some sort of weird forum/status limbo, and the other having just been made from the same email, without any sort of proof that I've had several other characters on the same email as before. Problem #3.

They tell me to send in a service_request for something like this. And I did, detailing pretty much all I said up until now. I don't know if I'm allowed to say what the name of the character I made now was, even if it's not even history'd or past the gates, but just in case, I won't. Any staff probably will be able to recognize it among any other service requests with all this info, though.

Regardless, I wouldn't have made this post here if it wasn't for this final problem.

I logged off, and went about the rest of my day, until about half an hour or so of this posting. I try to log back on with the temporary credentials that were provided to me in the email I got for registering for this new character. It doesn't work, says it's not recognized. I try in a variety of ways, but nothing else works. So I log in as guest, and just keep trying. Of course, it didn't work. Which means I can't log back in to see my service_request, or even get back to the character. Problem #4.

In retrospect, I should've made a new username and password ASAP, but oh well.

So, those are my issues, and, I'd would appreciate any kind of help or advice someone can give if I tripped up terribly along the line. Again, I'm sorry if this is a horribly inappropriate place to post this, but I couldn't really find another board that looked better, and as I explained, I can't do an xhelp or service request.

I suggest you send an email to '[email protected]'. Include all the information you have detailed here plus the email address for your existing web account and the names of your old and new character.
Thank you very much, I'll do that now!