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Not Enough Branded Mid-Market Fashion

So, the modern world is full of corporate-branded fashion. People love their Lululemons, their Calvin Kleins, and I see people constantly in Victoria's Secret branded t-shirts or leggings or whatever -- or Wranglers, or Dockers, or Levi's, or whatever.

To be fair, there are brands on the grid -- N.Kwan, TKO, and others -- but I don't see people wearing them that much. Instead, people jump from immy clothes to tailored clothes, generally.

I think that's unfortunate. It means that fashion isn't this pervasive corporate branding, which doesn't seem very cyberpunky, but I'm not one hundred percent sure why.

Is it that the 'branded' fashion doesn't have @wears that are as attractive as tailored clothes? Many of them don't have tease messages, and some have messed up coverages.

Is it that there just isn't enough variety or reliable availability?

And if anyone else agrees that this is a missed opportunity, is there a good fix? I'm not even to the @idea point, but maybe someone has some ideas.

This is more to lean people toward PC tailors.

Similar to how you won't get higher grade generic drugs.

IMO you should get judged for wearing clothes that are mass produced. It's part of the culture of the game. And you do get real heckin' judged, even if no one says it to your face. It's often a sign of progression when you get your first tailored set.

I don't think this is broken.