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Motorcycles are too cheap
and too good, and everyone has one

Motorcycles are damn cool, but given how easy it is to make money, it's really simple for just about anyone to buy one and as a result you see them all over the damn place and almost nobody drives cars at all. Given that motorcycles confer a few advantages over cars it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense from a gameplay perspective.

So I dunno, they should be more expensive, or maybe the basic cars should cost a little less. It's weird that absolutely everyone is a biker. I just want more variety!

There's a ton of rad car parts and plenty of room to make even more, whereas there's a pretty limited array of choices for motorcycles. Cars really have the cool factor going for them, but it's hard to justify unless you're richer than god when you can just get a bike for the utility and spend the remainder a car would have cost on making cool stuff happen.

It'd be nice to see more cool cars instead of dozens of the same couple motorcycles strewn all over the game world, and I say this as someone who's part of the problem.

There seem to be few incentives for lower-tier car ownership. Racing motorcycles seem much more stylish than many of the car models.

If you're a corpie, I feel like you might get a nice motorcycle, something that turns heads, and then save up for the 800 thousand chyen sports car, which carries a genuine air of prestige.

If you're a Mixer, you may not be able to afford a car, and you may not want to take the risk of investing 200 plus thousand chyen in a vehicle that can be stolen.

Yeah the two lowest tier cars are really goofy looking (intentionally, it feels) and not much cheaper than what's supposed to be the mid range stuff, which is muuuuuch more expensive than a motorcycle. Motorcycles are instant cool points, except they're friggin everywhere.
I was actually thinking about this a bit more, and I thought, why doesn't everyone drive motorcycles IRL? What are the drawbacks?

Comfort: Motorcycles are less comfy to drive than cars, especially in inclement weather, both from the driver's position as well as climate control and various amenities.

Safety: Cars are way more safe than motorcycles. Some idiot who isn't paying attention on the road could get you killed, on a bike. In adverse whether, the danger increases exponentially. There are some weather conditions in which you would never ride a motorcycle, making it a completely useless choice as a primary vehicle in some climates.

Cargo and Passanger Capacity: You can haul things and people around in cars, not so much in motorcycles.

Meanwhile, the pros of motorcycles: ease of movement through traffic, fuel economy, cool factor.

In RL, motorcycles are a poor choice for a primary vehicle if you can afford a car, which many people can with financing.

Anyway, where I'm going is this: in SD, the comfort/safety/cargo issues are way less significant than in RL, which removes some of the natural real-world barriers people have to motorcycle ownership and makes them that much more attractive in game than they are in RL. Additionally, the pros of motorcycles seem well represented in the game.

As soon as cars can run people over and crash into bikes, I'm betting everyone gets a car!
I think the playerbase should be expected to policy themselves in the way their characters perceive motorcycles and other vehicles in the low range of cost. I think a corpie who gets around in a Cricket or a Grasshoper would get flak from corpies who ride newer motorcycles or cars. The class divide also considers what objects you buy and why you aren't using a fancier, better version. A Progia-7 vs a Progia-11. A Cricket vs a Mono. Both are very popular in either side of the classes spectrum and will get you different treatments from members of those classes.

Remember that most of the time cars are impossible to purchase with cash and nobody does it because I'd prefer to spend 200k developing plots and employing people rather than buying a car that provides no roleplay. The same is true for other expensive game objects that are better paid off with reimbursements and requisitions. This is where you can get it from your corporation, leech it off as some kind of "work expense", or as a bonus for your "good performance". Sucking money from corporations is actually a good thing.

I don't disagree, but requisitioning a car does seem like kind of a stretch for most jobs.
There's some major pitfalls in motorcycle vs car ownership. The problem is most players aren't taking the risks which exploit them.
You can attack someone on a motorcycle and it pulls them off of it. Just saying.
Someday I will time this correctly.
Yeah, I was trying to be coy about it but killing and stealing someone's motorcycle is straight up vicious. I believe in you Vera. :-)