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So after some lengthy experience with messes... I think there probably needs to be some tweaking to the system.


It's a lot. If you are in charge of messes in a location, you are likely spending far more of your time on that then you are for your actual coded job. It becomes a daily grind that's more drudgery than it is enjoyable.


There are a couple of jobs which deal with this, and based on how fast they turn over people, players likely are not enjoying them. Additionally some of the related jobs are near impossible to fill because no one wants to do them. I love the concept, but if there are no players who want to do this, there's likely a reason.


If you use someone else to handle your messes, then there is an additional time burden placed to manage that. It's substantial and seems to fall on roles that already have a lot of daily activity which can drive to player burnout.

So because of the amount of messes and the tedium in handling them on a daily basis. I'm not sure the frequency is making this a system that adds to the game in the way that was intended. Perhaps lowering it significantly would still make it necessary to have people in those roles, but not make it more of a time sink than many other roles in the game.

I like the topside/mixer interactions that it promotes. I think that the system itself offers a lot of opportunities. I just think that perhaps the frequency that they appear is likely tuned WAY too high. Currently, people do not seem to want the jobs associated with messes even though they seem to offer some unique abilities to interact between players.