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Grid and SIC

The SIC map seems extremely useless to me, unless it's designed to be useless, then, fair enough.

Grid Maps are also fairly out of date, they reference some locations that don't exist anymore or are replaced by something else.

If you're going to call something extremely useless, tell us why you feel that way and tell us how you propose we fix that.

As for Grip Maps, Yeah. Feel free to make new ones :P Otherwise, go explore IC or ask friends about places.

Regarding SIC maps, they feel useless right now because they don't work half the time, and when they do the maps are really hard to read and don't really work as a map that much.

They're much inferior to Grid maps or even just learning the layout of the city yourself.

cmap is a rather a stripped down version of a coded navigation system that is used with other game mechanics. Compared to the advanced versions it is fairly basic, but it does give a taste to players as far as how other, more involved systems will work.

It's probably better to think of it as a navigational tool than a street map.

The Grid maps could definitely use some updating.
Grid Maps: Done.

SIC Map: This was much more useful in the earlier years of Sindome when the game world was more sparse, so maybe we can experiment with some things to improve it in the more fleshed out areas. :)

The map update looks great. Excited for whatever is in store for SIC. I remember using it when I first started playing and thinking it was so neat.