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Map Descriptive Alt Text

An issue recently arose where VI players were directed to using the graphical embedded maps for city navigation, and after a check through the available documentation I wasn't able to turn up anything existing that would be a substitute for screen readers.

My feeling is that a dedicated help file which provides a descriptive layout of each sector would be a pretty reasonable provision, but after a bit of googling on VI map tools I'm still not entirely sure of the best way to do this and I'm interested if anyone else has input how this might best work.

One possibility might be just listing business locations in relation to the nearest intersection, and then an overview of where all the major streets are.

Another might be a highly descriptive version of the sector designs, something like:

Red Sector is a rough square, eleven blocks by eleven blocks. Each quadrant is a different neighborhood, Little Kyoto in the northwest, San Mayo in the northeast, the Gulag in the southwest, and Chinatown in the southeast.

Two major streets run north-south through the sector, Lamb's Wake Drive (11 blocks) on the middle west side and Knife Street (11 blocks) on the middle east, while three major streets run east-west: Sinn Street (13 blocks) at the north, Fuller Street (9 blocks) in the middle, and Ashlin Street (13 blocks) in the south.

On the far west side of the sector there are smaller streets connecting north-south from Sinn Street to Ashlin Street. North Tamiya (4 blocks) south to Klobb Street (3 blocks) east to Death Row (5 blocks) south to Blitz Road (3 blocks) west to South Tamiya Avenue (4 blocks) which goes south to Ashlin Street.

On the far east side of the sector there are smaller streets connecting north-south from Sinn Street to Ashlin Street. North Fallout Street (4 blocks) south to Beretta Way (3 blocks) west to Gibson Avenue (5 blocks) south to Hinden Way (3 blocks) east to South Fallout Street (4 blocks) which goes south to Ashlin Street.

Does anyone (especially anyone with VI issues) think something like this might be useful or are there much better or easier ways to convey navigational overviews in place of graphical maps?

I submitted updated alt text for all sectors about 2.5 years ago. I'm not sure if it was ever added, but it should be in the help@sindome mailbox around December 2020. 👍
Well right now, if you go to the maps page, there is actually a pretty descriptive thing, that goes street by street.

It's pretty amazing. There just needs to be some formatting changes made to it, to make it more readable to screen readers.

It was made over seven years ago by another player for me actually, back when I played, and was then uploaded onto the website.