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make @bug's non-yes response be no
This is very bad design

@bug should recognize everything that isn't explicitly y or yes, as no. Because at current, you can do things like, go to @bug something, see your hated rival and then BOOM, type attack rival, and still be in the bug menu. Having to type @abort to get out of type selection. There's a lot of other reasons you'd not want to have the command to proceed, but @bug very definitely should work like the following example


y/yes to the warning about other people

proceeds to bug type selection.


n/no or literally anything else,

Aborts the command instantly without proceeding to type selection.


Make it @ABORT! Not No.

Okay am rewriting this in full because I am very tired and trying to write @bugs is hard.

@bug should require an explicit response or @abort from the initial yes or no question.

It should not leave any room for unclarity.

Y/Yes, goes to the yes response

N/No goes to the no response

Literally anything else goes to @abort and tells you to enter an actual response and to be clear about the thing you're reporting.