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Issues with auto/av tech
And why there seems to be so few of them

Hopefully this helps with some of these points:

- PCs can get access to tow trucks and I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that most mechanics were expected to drive those tow trucks as part of their job. Consider asking your IC boss about that.

- Some jobs require specific locales to actually -protect- your job, not make it more difficult. Let's say I need a mechanic to fix my car. I slot an auto-tech skillsoft and get rolling, and now I don't need to pay a mechanic at all, let alone wait for one to be available. But, I can't, because I don't have a garage. The garage mechanic ensures that people will seek you out for your services and RP rather than just doing it themselves.

- I'm not sure about broken vehicles requiring GM intervention because I've never played a mechanic, but I'd speculate that if you're a new mechanic you may not yet have sufficient IC skill to do everything that's possible.

- In terms of tools, your IC fear of losing this expensive toolbelt you saved up for is extremely themely. Many characters are forced to reconcile the risk of investing in what they need to do their job against the fear of losing it. It could motivate you to make friends with a tough chummer and have them walk you to work, or to rob another mechanic so you have an extra set, etc. Making tough decisions and dealing with the consequences is what Sindome is all about.

Playing a mechanic character as a new person can be frustrating, for certain. There is a lot of fumbling about until you figure out what you can and can't do. I agree that it doesn't feel like you should need a garage to change a tire, but imagine if anyone had the ability to go around and easily take tires off of whatever vehicle was laying around in game? We'd have a million cars that couldn't go anywhere.

As far as towing broken vehicles... players can do it. But even if you do end up with access to a tow truck, it is extremely difficult to operate them and will require a lot of skill investment, so be prepared for that.

Playing a mechanic is definitely no easy thing! It is a real dedication of your UE. Good luck!