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Is fixing staff dependent?
Aren't the Markets there for a reason?

Alright so without going too deep into IC, I have a character that has pumped a bunch of UE into trading, I can get pretty decent prices from the markets now when I haggle with the toothless masses.

However, it seems like all the things that both NPCs and Players want aren't available via the Market system where the skill trading actually works.

Is this by design? Am I supposed to beg staff to help me find X and Y items?

Or does it just take insanely high trading to find these little nuanced items?

This is definitely something you need to find out in-character.

Pump as many points into UE as you want - it's not going to open up the answer for you. You need to find those contacts and pipelines yourself, in character.

I'm assuming you haven't been playing through the last few days... If my character had a pedometer on he would have walked the whole dome five times over searching for something stupid players wanted.

I think I spent half my private sic fund just in the last few days. IC means aren't working which is why I'm thinking this requires staff interaction, which is super depressing.

This question cannot and should not be answered.

Who gives a fuck if it's staff dependent. It's ROLEPLAY DEPENDENT and no matter how many millions of steps you have taken Pacmanning around the city, you have very very obviously not roleplayed your way into a situation where you can fix.

You aren't even a pony, much less a faceman or a fixer.

This is not a solo game. You will not get where you want to be in it by simply asking people what they want and then soloing your way into finding it cheaper than they could do themselves.

The trading skill is important, but there is no possible way for us to code you an automated way to win connections. Not in a game like this, anyway.

You really need to stop gaming the game and trying to probe mechanics, and start thinking up ways to have your character learn the culture. We're all here to interact with humans because it's fun, none of us are here to grind on robot mobs till we win.

The markets are not broken. If your character can't find something in it, it either means YOU can't find it, or, it's not there. And if your character finds something but can't get it as cheap as you want, all it means is you are not a badass. Your days-old character should not be expected to be able to haggle like the best motherfucker in the game. It doesn't matter if you've invested in a specific skill, or in the stats which drive it in that situation, or what - You are not a badass.


Even after you've earned a REAL shitload of RP, spent it the right way, and learned how to use it, the market's purpose is not to automate your way into the trader/fixer role.

Last thing: NO YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEG FOR SHIT FROM STAFF. It's IC, your character can do this ICly. Pretend there IS no staff, pretend that every character has a player behind it. BECAUSE THEY DO. Using your OOC voice on OOC channels to beg from anybody, players or admins or whoever, is literally cheating.

I'm not going to go into this except for 1 thing:

Per the help file on skills, there is more to the skill than what you wrote.

That is all.

The ability to trade doesn't give you all the connections needed for it. Just having the skill will make your character good at buying and selling things, not at finding who can get you something or another. That lies into your network.

To be a good trader you need to create your network, of buyers and sellers...

To do that you need to RP. It won't be coded. This is not a coded game, it is an RP game with code to support it.

One other note:

You don't even have to have the Trading skill to be a good faceman or fixer.

Reread what Linekin and Jinx wrote.