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Impossible to distinguish vehicles

When someone gets into our out of a vehicle and there are identical vehicles in a room, it is impossible to tell which one they get into or out of.
A way to fix this could be to add the license plate to the message when they enter?

Bob boards Car (License plate)

License plate seems maybe like it should require a look. What about color?
Or maybe just 'first car', 'second car', stuff like that.
I'd be up for all vehicles being named " " rather than just make and model. This would also have the bonus of making colors more immediately visible, and making bike drive commands less prone to fail due to - say - Crickets being everywhere.
Formatting messed up, I suggested Ocean Blue HondaMitsu Cricket rather than HondaMitsu Cricket as the object name.
Then there's the problem of having multiple vehicles with the same colour… This reminds me of that thread with multiple of the same disguised people :p
Whichever direction this goes, I just want to say I'd really rather not see plates advertised without a user 'look' command. Color and model seems fine to me.

I would definitely like to be able to interact with vehicles by their plate (a unique identifier) rather than 'cmd 16th roadmaster'. This is particularly annoying on motorcycles.

You can use the license plate numbers to refer to vehicles iirc. If not then I probably heard wrongly
I heard that too, but unless there's a special way to do it, I've had zero success with that.
All vehicles can be interacted with by plate numbers in place of their model.
Using plates is totally doable to (and should be your default way of...) interacting with vehicles. The problem we run into however is when two identical model (and color!) cars exist in the same space, you literally have no way to tell which one you want to interact with. Using 'Nth' or the plate number in the messages is really the only way I personally see to solve this. I would personally prefer using 'Nth' in the messages as opposed to the plate number. (2nd Ferrari Aventador drives in from the west)