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Thats right.

I'm taking a lot of what I say here from part of the ATM's in the Mix topic, it was getting off topic and I'm bringing what I have to say over here.

I agree that people should be out hustling there asses off.  When I say hustling, I don't mean running crates all day and night.  I mean going out and making money the hard way, because running crates is a part time job that is over paid because otherwise all the newbies would bitch that they can't make any money.

It's understandable, they don't know the streets, they don't know how to hustle but it's time they learned.  I'm honestly tired of being one of the only Mixer players that ever offers any IC jobs.  Hell, most of you don't even ACCEPT the fucking jobs.  I've got four or five jobs publicly availble ICly (Not just on the Grid) that people could be doing, maybe they don't pay 20k a week, but are YOU the controller working for the money or are you working for the RP?

The best road to power is to get people working for you.  Spread your money around, even if you don't have much.  Why?  Because then people will think you are a big shot, and if people think you're a big shot, then you fucking ARE a big shot.

I mean, take some risks!  Sure, you might die, but thats what clones are for.  I get so mad when people bitch about losing stuff when they clone.. I mean, my character dies -all- the time, and he doesn't have any more money than the rest of you.  What makes it worse is that you all have pretty nice gear, big guns, or armor, or other such things, and it just sits in your fucking cubes or lockers or apartments, or you have the chyen to BUY things like that, and the chyen just sits in the bank or in a briefcase..

So really you aren't even losing shit aside from some clothes and a few points of UE.. The game is not going to be fun unless you make it fun, and idling all day and standing around waiting for your 'boss' or some other established player to come along and hand you RP is not helping make the game any more fun for anyone aside from you, and probably, it isn't even that fun for YOU.  

Go exploring, steal, rob, loot, kill, maim, scheme, plot, rape, pillage, fuck all, just do SOMETHING so that when you do encounter another player, your not just standing there not talking to each other until one of you fucking idles off.

Right. What are you guys saveing up for anyways? Retirement?
Don't be afraid to piss people off, or hurt their feelings. Don't be afraid to pull that heater.  Do what you have to do to make that chyen. That's real street life. Find a scheme and make it work, even if it isn't a big scale operation.
Don't forget to lie and distort information whenever possible. :deal:
If some little ragtag n00b had the balls to pull a gun on me, I might just offer them a job myself.  Or kill them, then offer them a job.  Or kill them and have someone else who's working for me offer them a job.  Or kill them and pay someone to get someone else to offer them a job..

..Or kill them.  :D

We are looking into re-evaluating the delivery system, reducing the ammount they pay greatly. Currently certain players are making about 2-5k a day, which is more than a corpie earns. We'll fix that soon enough.

You are all soft. When I started playing here I earned about 450c a day and had to sit in bloody Shinohara for hours to do it. I met gobs of other players who had to do the same thing. I made friends, I made enemies, I roleplayed while stacking the crates in the back.

It was fun. I had barely enough money to pay my rent, and didn't care, and in a few months had a network of fellows that was big enough to do mover and shaker stuff with.

So, like, anyhow, I bet we half or quarter what these runs are paying. In theory you should BARELY make money taking something to GREEN, maybe 50c - 150c profit for half an hour.

Honestly, Iga, I am all for reducing the amount you get paid for deliveries. Because if you do run crates, you would make enough to survive, if that. But in order to ever consider moving up on the ladder you would have to take jobs and missions from IC players (i.e Nemisis). I have done a few things for him, and everytime I have gotten RP, I have made a few friends, a few enemies, and I also got paid enough to survive.

You dont want to make it so that you get 50-150c per run to GREEN, and anyone who makes 5K on crate runs needs to tell me there secrets, because I barely make rent anyway.

I think that IC reasoning for lowering the deliveries on RED is great, but I think GOLD and GREEN shouldnt change. Some corpies that dont have an IC job need to make money, too. I have met a few who dont have jobs, and rely on crates to help them continue their lifestyle. Besides if you're running things to NeXus, Tickers, Le Petit Bouquet they are going to greatly appreciate recieving it. Their stuff is pretty expensive and IC Mixers could just crack open the crate and take everything thats inside and go hawkit on the market. I dont know if you can do that, but if you coulf it would make more of an incentive for shop owners to tip their delivery boy.  

But as for RED, I am all in to reducing the amount paid, I mean I dash ten or twelve rooms and I am there, and I get paid, sometimes, good chyen. I dont even think a courier service on RED is needed. I mean, it is ten or twelve rooms, and then you're there. Wouldnt shop owners want to just walk over there themselves, get the crate and walk back, saving the tip for the delivery boy for more supplies.

Honestly, I've said it before I'll say it again: Automated jobs are donkey balls. Find something to do where you can interact with players or contribute to the game. Maybe even both! Some of us are out there with enough chy to share, you just gotta find a way to get it. Lie, cheat, steal, be treacherous little bastards. Keep your ear low to the ground. Trade your momma's hovertub for your next fix. There may be a war on the streets, but most of you are fodder...its the bloody telephone game and between the good guys and the bad guys there's you. There's alot to be gained from not being famous or infamous. Take advantage of it before you're forced to pick sides. Nobody suspects the chummer with no rep. :ninja:
Hey now, running crates-does- benifit the game.  I know you've played when there weren't any new players to run crates.. and the entire MOO had a shortage of the useful little things that the shops on RED and GOLD and GREEN sell?

No medpaks, ebola~cola, cigarettes, SPRAYPANINT etc.

It was very sad.

If at one point in time there was a shortage of those things, wouldnt it be true that delivery boys help to make the world spin? Therefore making them a necessary piece to the corporation? They may be slimy little street urchins, but wihtout them nothing gets delivered, nothing gets sold, and everyone loses. Wouldnt that motivate shop owners to pay the delivery boy, because if they didnt soon the runners would just stop going and then everyone loses money. This also kind of ties in to what Damon said on another topic, if you order a COD and then give them a dollar, there is no chance he is going to give you the package.