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Hearing foreign languages
Should be available all the time

I could be off-base about this, but I believe currently, when you hear foreign languages, your character is able to tell what that language 'sounds' like without having to pass a skill check- it's just common knowledge that Japanese sounds like Japanese, Spanish sounds like Spanish, etc.

However, these language recognition prompts only pop up every X unit of time, the first time you hear someone speak that language. I'd like to ask that we are always given the language ID prompt whenever our character fails a certain (bulk) percentage of not understanding what's said. Otherwise, to show it anytime a non-English language is being spoken.

It comes up when @voice comes up. I think this is equivalent to asking for @voice more frequently, possibly even on demand in some way.

>>speaking Bob

>> Bob *speaks English, with a goaty Ninja accent*

Personally, I like how infrequently the @voice refreshes.

I'd almost campaign for the message to become "speaking a foreign language" instead of identifying the language immediately. Only when you've leveled up that language once or pass a reasonably high knowledge check can you identify the language being spoken.

The dome is a giant melting pot with tons of languages. Just because there are only 8 coded languages doesn't mean there aren't dozens more.

I really like how when you switch languages in the middle of a conversation, your voice message refreshes to the other players in the room. *speaking euro, in a timid, stuttering voice* for instance.

However, I've walked into a room many times and have not seen the @voice messages of the people who are speaking to me until halfway through a conversation. Thus I can't immediately tell what language they are speaking in if we are both fluent in that foreign language. This poses lots of problems for RP, mainly: If I've been secretly learning Euro and don't want others to know that I understand the language, wha happens if somebody starts speaking in Euro to me and there is no notification of what language they're speaking or what their @voice message is? All that clandestine language-learning RP will be for naught if I just assume they're speaking English and I respond to their Euro convo in English, revealing my knowledge of the other language.

A QOL update for this would be: The first time somebody speaks when you enter a room (and you're 'watching' them/able to hear them), you see their @voice message and what language they're speaking. It can use similar code as the @temp_place to see when you've exited or entered a room. Then the @voice message can refresh at its usual rate, or when they switch to a different language.

If there is any way to make this happen, please do so. Especially on phone calls where the "only" clue that characters get about the person on the other end is their "speaking" @voice.
I tend to agree with this in general, and have in the past too. As a note, I want to point out that there is at least one IC means to hear voice quality every time someone speaks.