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Fuel Consumption Rate

With as many expenses and balance mechanisms as there already are surrounding vehicles (and their sub-components), the fuel consumption rate is kind of ridiculously fast. This poses a problem for the usefulness of certain vehicles. I understand there are many 'intricacies' surrounding the 'balance' of this, but it's a bit much I think.
How fast you driving?
Johnny, do you want a serious answer here, or would you be open to a discourse about my thoughts in a more private method so that I can elucidate on my experiences ICly with vehicles?
Johnny's question is a very serious one...

If you drive slow, fuel will last for very long.

If you drive fast, not so much, so use it sparingly and for emergencies.

lol everyone wants to go top speed all the time
Johnny's question is a very serious one...

If you drive slow, fuel will last for very long.

If you drive fast, not so much, so use it sparingly and for emergencies.

I am aware. That does not change my mind in the slightest.

How many times a week are you filling up?
How many times a week are you filling up?

This depends on a lot of factors. When I'm flush with chy and updating daily? 3-4 times. When things are a little tighter? 1-2.

Now this is anecdotal, but it seems like bikes do not carry enough fuel in them to drive at top speed from red to gold and back even once.

I understand fuel is used as a balance mechanism, but my personal take is that it was balanced around a 250cc engine going at minimum speed, instead of a 600cc engine going racing pace. This has the effect of making racing pace a novelty, rather than something to aspire to through UE expenditure, which de-emphasizes vehicles and drivers overall.

It must be your top speed. I drive back and forth from Red to Gold like 4 or 5 times, round trip, on a tank. Seems totally reasonable to me.
"This has the effect of making racing pace a novelty"

That's unexpected?

It's not like you're actually on a racetrack.

That's unexpected?

It's not like you're actually on a racetrack.

It disincentives investment in the skills and equipment to do it, which is already a costly investment from a UE and chyen perspective.

Furthermore, filling up fuel is literally the -least- RP generative balance method vehicles use. Every other method of balance at least has a propensity for involving other players.

I don't think racing fuel cost being so high disincentivizes anything.

To me, racing speed is either for when you're racing or for when there's an emergency at your PC's workplace - Not something to be used all the time.

And on top of that, fuel is one of the few ways in the game that chy is actually taken out.

Chy doesn't need to always be passed from player to player, some of it needs to be taken by the system.

Just my 2c.

I used to drive around all the time and fill up once a week or less than that. I'd only choose to go fast if I was showing off or there was an emergency, and even then I wouldn't always go as fast as humanly possible.

When I watch other players with their vehicles they seem to want to leave them at the highest speed they can possibly go at all times. That's their choice but it seems like an odd one, especially from an IC perspective. Who's flooring it every time they want to go to the grocery store?

In my experience (from a bit over a year ago now) some of the higher-end 600cc engine bikes -do- have ridiculously terrible fuel efficiency compared to the cheapest ones, even going slow speeds, and I don't know if that was ever changed. The cheap bikes and most of the other vehicles I've seen seem perfectly reasonable with regards to how much they use though.
There are IC solutions to fuel consumption...

For cars and AVs, yes. Bikes, not so much.

I'm not scaling this for the guy who leaves it in the high speed, sorry.
Johnny, I drive at Cruising pace, FYI.
Peeling out and doing a Kessel run in under 12 parsecs is 100% for showing off and MAYBE for an occasional desperate hospital run racing against the clock.

Both of which are worth the investment in fuel.

If you want to peel out, just back off the accelerator and hit the brakes again 2 rooms away and proceed to your destination at an efficient pace.

You can always install a more efficient engine.
Due to my own experience IG I can say that this is definitely an issue. Driving even at slow speeds with this specific engine will rack up ethicol costs so fast it starts to not even make sense. The tank also empties out so quickly that you're constantly refueling, which is more of an OOC chore than part of the IC experience.

Installing a more fuel efficient engine is an option, but then what's the point of even having this one? If the game itself is stopping you from going that fast even for a minute or two at a time then it's just not doable. Alternatively the size of the tank could be increased to avoid playing ethicol station in what is literally two to three minute bursts.

Extra fuel capacity - nice @idea for a new kind of upgrade.

It shouldn't even be an upgrade. It -should- be the distinction between the smaller and larger model of a bikes that justifies the HUGE price disparity. As it is, the only difference is what engine it comes with stock, something that can be swapped completely interchangeably anyway, making fully half (minus one outlier) of the motorcycles in Sindome completely superfluous.

Bumping this, because at the very least the fuel capacity of the 600cc bikes -really- needs to be doubled. At a racing pace, their lower capacity makes inter-sector travel effectively one-way from a full tank.
Sounds like there should be mods for bigger fuel tanks or more efficient ethicol use.