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Economy Complaint...
Maybe misunderstanding is better term.

Alright so we established last night that most jobs are not coded at all, but have a coded system which disperses whatever salary in whatever frequency...

But looking at some of the things in game that cost 800k and so on, it makes me wonder, are you just supposed to save up for a RL year or so to hit such lofty purchases?

Or do you eventually get to the point you're so highly paid that you can make that quickly. IE dude starts at 5k a week, eventually gets promoted to 40k a week.

Also, are the rich people RICH because they simply haven't spent their money as they gained it or are there folks out there making stupid amounts of money per pay day?

This bugs me.

You're -highly- encouraged to make business for yourself and have alternate streams of avenue. Yes, the rate you have to save up for some things on some wages is depressing and it's meant to be that way. You can budget accordingly or you can look for ways to make chyen outside of your job. Your job will probably not be your end-all and be-all of income if you are looking to get rich, at least not because of the salary; there might be opportunities to make chyen that arise from your job (think outside the box, get creative and crafty), however.

For a lot of the Dome, the ambient Dome, this represents life: go to work, have money to drink after work, cover the apartment and save up week after week for those things spends, just another cog in the machine. You're going to have to strike out if you want to make serious chyen. This is the theme that we keep bringing up.

Automated payment jobs, be them from NPCs or terminals are meant to cover your money needs on a weekly basis. If you want to have a windfall you need to roleplay.

That's one of the ways we enforce roleplay, by capping earnings so you have to get out and get into RP to get the shiny things.

Many things are possible. Some people play the way you're talking about, and just wait for their coded salaried to dispense chyen.

Others, employed or otherwise, make business for themselves where income is not limited to what the payroll people are willing to dole each week.

Others have jobs which provide them a direct means to provide players certain services which they can then charge for.

Others have connections which yield investments, funds, commitments, opportunities and obligations.

Basically, with rewards come risks and obligations, so, if your character is willing to take chances, figure out who can do shit for them, what they'll have to do in return, and seize the situation, they might get 800k in no time at all.

There's actually a thing which is documented ICly where a player set a goal of immigrating a new character and amassing a 100k fortune within one week (7 days). They succeeded, and screwed and embarassed several powerful characters belonging to veteran players at the same time.

Everything you described can and does happen, and so does a shitload of other shit.

There's a reason why people always mention that the real money is made through other players. Eschewing automated job payments altogether, it is not unreasonable to make 200-400 thousand a month. You can probably even do more than that, though I imagine most people bring in considerably less.

If all you're doing is relying on your automated salary, it's going to take a very, very long time to be able to afford the expensive things, if you're even capable of reaching them altogether. There are many, many things that can happen to you to take money out of your pocket. You can die, you can be stolen from, you can lose your things in many, many ways. Sometimes you just feel the need to buy something since you haven't in so long, which results in a loss of actual money.

Like in real life though, you're supposed to be living through your means. If you bring in only 10 grand a week and strike out to buy the most expensive car there is, you're not going to have much of a life until that point, and then, when you get it... you might find you have trouble maintaining it, from repairs, to upkeep, to theft.

It's a hard life out there.

When you guys say that they make their money through RP.

Are you saying that they are simply saying, hey I did this and sold to this unnamed business and such, please give me a payout for this totally posed out RP?

That's the problem I have, I know the money has to ultimately come from somewhere.

Where? Is it all admin just saying, hey yeah here is your pay for that totally virtual transaction?

If it's player giving to player through RP, are people actually paying for "nothing"? Just poses and conversations?

Because if you're just telling me to be creative and create stories of me dealing with the virtual population, then shit I'm going to be a millionaire in no time.

Jago: the big money can come from NPCs and PCs. Information being sold, favors, connections, these happen and can be worth a *lot*. You can get rich without selling items. You can be a prostitute, bodyguard, teacher, things like that. Some involved getting paid for pure roleplay (the "nothing" you talk about).

Sindome is not an easy game. We know. It has a high difficulty curve. But it's worth it. Oh Lord it is.

I have three things to offer, two of them potentially helpful, the third just something I want to share 'cause funny.


I'm not doing this to make fun of anyone or single anyone out, but just to highfive someone for their wit. This was VERY funny: uoting OOC-Chat] Someone says, "I will say some of the code, from what I've seen is pretty fucking cool." uoting OOC-Chat] Someone Else says, "Yeah? You're gonna be blown away when you see the RP." Well done, Someone Else. Good wit. Good sport.


The answer to the question about 'how does money get into the economy' was alsoon OOC-Chat today: [quoting OOC-Chat]: mechanically speaking, there are too many sources of chyen entering player hands to describe them all. Jobs. Sales. Loans. Theft. Et cetera. The sources could be a player's character, an admin NPC, or a coded system. Money enters the economy, it just does, that's pretty much all you need to know.


I wrote something a while back on another website, and I shared it here when another new plauer a while back asked "how do you progress in the game"

It's a long post, and potentially all of it might or might not be helpful, but I'll quote the part which I'm thinking of in particular:

"Persuade other characters. Cajole, trick, pay, bribe, entice, force them to work to your character's advantage and advance your character's agenda. Or, allow others to do this to you: Your character's goals can be reached by riding the coattails of someone else who's going that way - and when they've gotten you where you want to get off, assert your own agenda again and get off their train."

They don't necessarily have to be going the same place as you, but they've gone someplace, they want to keep going, and they need your help. Do what they need you to do. Ally with them. They'll reward you for doing things for them, and even if you don't give any fucks about the things they want you to do for them, their authority, mentorship, experience, knowledge, and resources, and the rewards they give you, will help you go YOUR way.

End Count.

Anyway, Jago, I believe you when you say you're quote "an awesome roleplayer, one of the best out there, when there is...shit to do" unquote, so, I do hope you stick around and keep at it, figuring things out, getting involved with stuff, getting your characters into position to do some cool things, because if you are that person you say you are, you're going to be a fantastic member to have in this community and in the game. All of us here appreciate bitchin' RP and the ones who are both awesome as well as clued (about how the RP game works, not about how the coded game works) really do find that people flock to them. There's so much shit to do that you'll find that you can't log off till your fingers blister.