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Don't allow empty e-prints to persist.
They're consumable.

Empty e-prints prevent fresh ones from appearing at retail because of how the economy system counts items and spawns new ones.

Please, do any of the following:

- Just trash it immediately if it's empty when it's disconnected from the e-note.

- Give no creds for chuting empty ones, and make sure the chutes @recycle them if they are chuted anyway.

- Don't allow the markets to buy them.

- Provide an IC way to refill empty ones.

Yes please. Same with destroyed car/aero parts.
I agree with this. At the very least, implementation of the second and third idea could open up avenues for RP.
There's cameras that can print unlimited photos, so unlimited e-prints shouldn't be an issue. The supply system is beyond backed up with empty ones right now.