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Disarm vs Wres

Every now and then I will get disarmed, and then that person immediately picks up my weapon. It's all fair play as far as I am concerned, but then what is the purpose of wrestle command, if with disarm, which seems to be easier to land, you can immediately pick up the dropped weapon? It's not something you are going to be able to type in faster than disarming person anyway, as they will be prepared to type in "get X" right after typing disarm.

So maybe disarm would do just that - disarm person and put it back in said person inventory, and if you want to actually take the item, use wrest instead? or maybe at least have the disarm block "get" for the duration of 2 combat rounds as a chance for someone to pick up their stuff?

Just seems a bit weird that as a result I never see anyone wrest my stuff, but they happily disarm and get it. Makes me wonder what's the point of wrest in the first place.

It's not that simple and I'd hate to go into tactics you should be learning from a mentor on an OOC medium like this. I can only say that I feel, when you look at some other elements, 'disarm' is fine (as is 'wrest', which I've seen wrest used plenty). And I encourage you to talk to an IC mentor!
I can accept that answer just fine as not know enough about mechanics. Though it still is weird to me that wrest+get is possible in such rapid succession and with seemingly no penalty for doing so. But if that's as intended then thanks for explaining :).