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Show us some examples

So how do we commit some crimes for either gain or punishment?

Right now you can commit crimes on gold and higher without xhelp.

But there is literally no documentation of how.

Do I pull a weapon on the dude in techtronics and say give me all your money?! And hope the npc responds to me and I don’t just get a bunch of judges running in shooting me?

Read the first few lines of the post. Your proposed scenario is obviously major ambient population + an individual who needs a chance to respond + a violent act which easily could move into assault.

I was asking for an example of what they mean crime or is it all as basic as, Kill dude, loot dude take all from dude, run away.
So the way things tend to operate is staff will not really tell you explicitly what you can or can not do IC and what the effects might be. I believe it has been mentioned in that linked thread that there is a consistent policy, so things aren't arbitrary, but that players are not necessarily privy to it.

Which is to say, as mentioned in that thread you can engage in certain crimes topside without xhelping first, but that doesn't mean you're told you can get away with X, Y and Z IC.

As far as what you can mechanically do, NPCs and PCs all work the same when it comes to command verbs, but I would be read over help farming and help npcs to avoid getting into OOC issues. IC issues are up to your character to resolve.