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Clothing Description and Quality

I saw this in game today and made me wonder if there's a disconnect between the description and the actual quality of a thing.

"Perfectly tied around his neck is a onyx black silk tie. When the light hits it just right, you can make out a subtle pattern of argyles that has been woven into the rich silk. A stylish, well tailored double breasted suit jacket neatly drapes down off his shoulders to just above mid-thigh level. The soft black synthetic cotton jacket has a crisp collar, and two short rows of 4 buttons that run from the lower chest to just above the lower hem-line, one row being done up neatly. The lapels are simple and cut narrow in proportion to the suit, giving the garment a lean, lengthening appearance. As he moves you catch glimpses of the deep maroon lining of the jacket, which has a sheen almost like silk. The jacket's lines give XXXXXX a business-like appearance, and an air of professionalism and clearly look back to a time when men's fashion was less outlandish and radical. Tucked into the lapel pocket is a maroon sateen handkerchief that glimmers softly in the available light.

A pair of smooth, heather gray synthetic cotton suit pants cover his legs and hips. The soft material flows smoothly around his legs as he moves about the room and are cut in a manner that lengthens the lines of the leg, giving his a tall stately appearance. The pleats and creases in the legs are needle sharp and well pressed, and appear to be hand pressed. On his feet are a pair of synth-leather ebony dress shoes, buffed to an ultra gloss sheen. They are completely scuffless and cast little reflections each time your eyes cross along their soft curves. Simple stitch work traces along the soles and across the toe of the shoe, delicate yet masculine, the pattern seems to be reminiscent of designs from half a century ago.

Overall, his clothing is cheap."

The description is brilliant, but nothing in that description screams cheap to me. I'm guessing that the code goes off of the tailors skill and material quality. However, is there a way to slowly start bringing some of these in line with their description? It's a little weird reading that and then hearing, it's cheap.

How would this be coded out? Tailoring literally just places a person in a text editor, and they can type whatever they want to. I'm not certain if it's even possible to generate a system that can aesthetically gauge the quality of a piece in the somewhat limited space afforded, unless you're just flagging keywords, and then you create a meta around how tailored items get described.

Honestly, this has always been the player's responsibility. If you're a subpar tailor, and you're writing descriptions full of crisp, neat lines and cutting-edge fashion, you are officially doing it wrong. Just because a player is creative and imaginative doesn't mean that their character is, much like a player's skill at the shooting range wouldn't translate to a character who is a solo. If ye wants it, ye gots t' earn it, jib.

Also, just as a personal note, I really hate seeing the word "perfect" in just about anything descriptive. Perfection has been in heated debate as long as there have been humans, so saying that some random jerk in 2104 finally figured it out just infuriates me.

You'd need a clothing review system like you have for the @review-cloth to make it work. Something that could give tailors a chance to get feedback on their design to skill. I also am pretty sure that some of this is a hangover from before the system.

Perhaps if there is a enough feedback on a piece of clothing, give someone a free 'alteration' to get it in line?

I've never actually tried to tailor an item, so couldn't have told you the first thing on how it worked :)

Those suit pieces are store-bought suits instead of tailored suits, so of course, they're considered cheap.... yet they buff stats for some reasons I cannot fathom on why.