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Character Adjectives
Is the over-writing intentional?


This is nothing new, but I wanted to open a discussion in regards to build adjectives being over-written by other, usually temporary adjectives.

I think filthy is probably the most problematic, as there's a huge number of ways to get your character dirty, and it allows an additional level of anonymity. I recognize that being covered in trash should probably be obfuscating to a degree, but if I can tell someone's overall build under a shroud, I would expect to be able to do so under sewage and garbage as well.

Suggestion being to prepend, rather than replace.

Filthy Mano -> Filthy Puny Mano

Filthy Mona -> Filthy Lithe Mona

Rich Lesbian -> Rich Amazonian Lesbian

Well-dressed Bruce -> Well-dressed Gangly Bruce

& Etc.

Fixing/changing this would also be a direct enhancement to the chatter and callout systems as well.

I agree on this one.

Seems weird not to know someone's tall just because they're covered in shit.

Maybe the walking poop is so distracting that you don't notice the size of the walking poop.
I agree with this and would at least want to hear if anybody has any reasons why it would be a bad idea.
How can you tell that somebody is lesbian?
Your sic chip functions as a Gaydar.

Anyway, I approve this idea and struggle to see if there's ANY negatives.

Agree 100%. Being filthy or shabby requires no stat investment or anything and anyone can do it in a few seconds to make themselves ten times harder to deal with if they're disguised.
I think thermals should always only show build and never state of dress, cleanliness, or beauty.