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Can Black Balling be altered?
And not be so ball breaking?

Ok, I'm not sure how to phrase this, but is it possible to unhook the courier delivery people like Larri and Chuck from the other street "flash cash" systems like the Scavengers and factory work?

Like, I completely understand Larri and Chuck shutting down. It does encourage other forms of roleplay to find a living. But what I don't understand why the scrounger market and factory line shut down too?

The scroungers going silent is the worst too because if you're playing a fixer, suddenly you have three markets black balling you "until Friday". That means they won't talk to you about what they want to find, nor will they accept items from you even if they were asking for it seconds earlier. Dude looks like he's going through horrible withdrawal, you're holding his candy in your hand, and you get "No Sonny, you've done enough for the streets already, you let the other scamps get me that sweet high. Come back on Friday."

And with them not telling you what they want until Friday, suddenly there goes a part of a fixer's job. I have not a clue what anybody wants anymore, and suddenly you start developing a reputation from "The guy who always knows what you want" to "The guy who gets blackballed by the entirety of Withmore City every week".

All because I delivered too many courier packages?

Also, please stop the Blackballing system from denying us work on the factory lines and typing "work" every 9 minutes. We're not there because we want to be there. We really are that desperate to afford another night in a cube. Just because we had the flash three days ago doesn't mean we've got it now.

The weekly earnings caps mean players can find the means of basic income generation that suits them or their character, and all be more or less on the same playing field as everyone else; whether they are players who can grind for hours and hours every week endlessly, or only have a day or two through the week to play.

Characters who make more than these caps can do it through various means, but generally speaking this involves doing stuff that brings other players more into the equation and generates roleplay.

if you're playing a fixer, suddenly you have three markets black balling you "until Friday".[/]

That's really, really not playing a fixer. Even finding PCs to whom to sell the stuff which you happen to have is only barely "playing fixer," but better. Plus no caps.

Anyway the common thread is that all of the things you mentioned are "automated income."

I'm not sure if you've read the rationale behind this game-design choice already:

Also, I have to address the idea that you're ICly known as the guy who's blackballed. I know you said this out of character but to any new players reading this in the future, understand:

The earnings cap is an out-of-character concept. Please do not bring it in character.

Your character can't hustle with certain parties some days. That's life. In character, it is not a city-wide conspiracy. It's just individuals treating you according to whatever drives their choices in that moment.

Roleplay it how your character would based on what your character knows. Your character cannot know about the OOCly coded automated-job income cap. All they know is that they're striking out for now.

If this is about not being able to know what everyone needs because you're already capped for the week, this is something you can easily solve by hiring someone to find this out for you.