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Are Admins and game vets normal?

Why does this game's community think it's the Marine corps? Just cause there are psychos in Positions of power in the Marines too?

I got banned temporarily from the game. And the admins can be as rude as they want apparently.

Since this game is really improving my written English - with the apostrophes and stuff, I think I'll play it for life. I also think I'm going to be a really bad person to know for a lot of people. Hopefully only OOCly. My IC char is gonna be likable.

This is funny. Guys who lord over people in virtual MUDlife think they bad. Gotta change that kind of thinking.

Funny. I think I would have abandoned this game if it wasn't for the attitude some people have shown. And I haven't even been a week yet!!

What was your game plan when you posted this?
If no one likes you OOCly then that's not a good choice either.

Sindome is a roleplay enforced community. If you don't want to play then we have no interest in trying to work with players like that.

Admin interest is in the players that want to play the game, not the trolls who accidentally fall into Sindome. Be a player or leave because we won't keep trolls around.

Easy easy. Stop getting so worked up people.

Learn that little thing called politeness.

And buy a sense of humor if needed.

I'm learning to play the game. It's called being a newbie. Just that you guys really suck at being what is known in other game's as a friendly newbie community.

But that's okayyyyyyy. I'll learn in spite of you. And I won't memorise the @rules anytime soon. This is not an exam. If I trip up once or twice, I'll be told (oh yeah no doubts about THAT) and i'll learn in a try or two.

Just dont show me belligerence and not expect some back. Ok?


How long is a temp ban btw?

"likable chummer ICly, unlikable asshole OOCly" is completely backwards.

There's a rule about don't being a dick. Really. There is. Look it up next te you're allowed to log in.

If admins challenged you about something, and you wound up blocked, I am completely positive that it had more to do with your attitude than with theirs.

Respect that many hundreds of people have played, and understood, and appreciated, this game long before you came along, and, if it isn't the game you want it to be, either adapt to the game that it is, or, find one that you can participate in non-disruptively.

You have to read the rules. Sorry. You have to.
I have read the @rules. Multiple times. at least seven times. I have not memorized it by heart though.
You should not expect politeness if you are being snide and smarmy.
Nope. I get snide (you might want to check up the meaning of "smarmy" chum)when I meet impolitness. Admins, old players who "have played the game long before you (I) have" shouldn't expect a free pass. You can have all the attitude you want in game. Just not OOCly. If you can't help me when I go wrong, let me know and give me a warning too if you think you're a Iron fisted dictator of a banana republic. The things I shouldn't hear are :-

" google the word resume cause you don't know anything about it" (RL resumes and IG resumes aren't exactely carbon copies. And then there is that thing about putting something in a Polite manner)

"Dont tell us what to do" [Cause I added a note saying an NPC - old man thompson was described by the area description as holding a shotgun whilst 'looking' at him showed he had empty hands. I think at one point, an admin also said (yup we were going 2 against one at one point) "don't tell us what breaks immersion. I added the note yesterday and an admin acted upon it and now the NPC does hold a shotgun actually when you look at him. The above responses were AFTER at least one admin decided I was right and acted on my note]

Look, I 'm not going to not reply to that kind of tone with snideness.

Also, keep in mind that I have not been in the game for a week. Politeness is most of the time a reflection of our upbringing u see. (Yes, being snide there)

I'm not gonna give you a crash course in social skills.

considering how helpful and relevant your reply was, I'm going to guess that you are a Sindome Admin. Never met such utter lack of maturity in any other kind of admins.

Have you googled "smarmy" yet darling? Maybe you could bully one of your servants into doing it??

I smell a troll. You already think all admin are out to get you, why don't you take your ball and play somewhere else? I don't even think I want to run into your character if this sense of entitlement is what you plan on having.

The only thing I can say about temporary bans is, the admin usually tell you how long it's for and if they didn't you need to login and ask on xhelp.

I'll login tommorow.

Today, I'll dream about robbing a NPC shop like I just read on the "tips" post example. Gotta sleep in 15 mins anyway.

Plus, chances are I'll meet the same two funny banana republic dictators if I xhelp now. I'll just login when the ban is over. xhelp is for admin-lovers.

Oh, I'll also be here tomorrow and the next day and really for the foreseeable future. As will the other dictator you were a jerk to. Sindome is a small community. It's not filled with a million admin and players. We can give our special attention to people better with the smaller group. So, you'll be dealing with the same admin on a regular basis. If you don't like us now, you won't like us later. As far as your "temporary ban" goes. No one ever told you that you were banned. You were removed from the game so I could talk to you once I was free. However, you logged off before anyone could tell you anything else.

Now I have to tell you publicly. And, to be quite honest, your last response about how you don't really care about RP, makes me not want you here. If you don't care about RP then you definitely know where the door is.

Just to make it clear. You've been temporarily suspended for two weeks for breaking the "Don't be a dick" rule and admin harassment on the forums.

And no, no admin has any obligation to be nice to anyone. We're not in the business of raising other people's children. So whenever any admin pulls you aside to talk to you, you listen and you have a conversation. Behaving like a "really bad person to know" will get you nowhere in life an neither will it in Sindome.

Mazadak I am gong to let you in a little secret, there are staffers who used to be armed forces and your comments about the Marines were very disrespectful.

Moreover, if you had read the rules as you claim you did then you would have known about these rules, which you broke. (And if you did know them, it's even worse, because you knew them and decided to ignore them.)

2.G Admin Harassment Administrators are not to be abused, accused or harassed on-MOO or off-MOO [email protected] is for making respectful complaints about personal problems with specific admins or engaging in long-form communication at the request of a specific admin. Bans will be levied against anyone that breaks these rules.

2.H Community Harm Don't be a dick. Occasionally, a player's dickishness becomes so serious that it impacts the entire game, even if they are avoiding the specifics of other stated rules. If a player cannot de-escalate misbehavior after repeated communications with admins, they will be removed from the game for an extended (and exponential) period of time.

4.E (Mis)use of xhelp

You were not banned before, you were taken out of the game (Voided) so that the staff could talk to you about your rule breaking and horrible attitude. This post didn't do you any favors, because you most likely will be banned now for what you said in here.

Hopefully this will serve as an example to other players of what NOT to do.

Nope. a.) I'm pretty sure I have completely different login timings than you won't be "there" when I am most of the time. and b.) I could hardly give a rat's ass if you were on when I was or not. What I meant in the above comment was that I wouldn't want to talk to you cause I don't exactly view you as interaction worthy.

I wasn't being a jerk to anybody. At least, I didn't 'start it' so to speak.

Here's my thing about RP, this is not drama school. Everybody, even call of duty players engage in RP so I needn't hold a degree in drama to play this game. I'll make my char do what I think he will do to further his goals. I'v read up on RP here on the forum and I think that is pretty much ok in Sindome.

Now if I break immersion/RP for other players, that is always unintentional. I'm not here to disturb anyone's fun. Least of all that of the people who have been here before me.

That doesn't mean I got to take lectures and life lessons from folks who hold degrees from prestigious drama schools.

My requirement is pretty simple. If I break a rule, tell me. If you can help me good, thanks. If not, Kindly do not carry on a conversation with me after you have pointed out where I'm wrong. Especially in a belligerent tone.

Cause that's when you and your fan-boys start mistaking lack of smarminess for rudness/snideness. And that's THE ONLY problem here.

I didn't mean every marine is a psycho. What is this?? Misinterpret mazadak day?!?!

I just said ppl were behaving in an authoritative manner. Like this was the army and all.

If there was a specific rule which said what resumes are supposed to mention, kindly let me know of it. Which rule exactly applies to that? Assuming I didn't read the @rules everytime isn't going to solve anything.

I don't think, especially since Ghost's reply that anybody is really interested in hearing me or even in putting arbitrariness or general sense of elitism away here. So I'm going to wait out the ban or whatever and then start playing whenever it clears. Let's hope we dont talk again unless you're making my NPC shop stick-up dreams come true.

Oh sorry, I had the browser opened and the page loaded was old by the time I posted the reply. Also, didnt read the two weeks ban comment cause Ghost's message caught my eye.

Good to know a verdict has been passed. Got to hand it to you guys - ur fast.

I'll be back. Want to rob a store. Try not to ban me on the forum (no compulsions though). I want to stay in contact with this in game friend I made.


Hello and welcome to the game. It takes a lother to get banned but you mentioned you wanted to continue playing when the ban is done.

This is an interesting world with interesting characters throughout it.

Patience and willing to work in game and out with people is needed and asked for. None of us are drama school (maybe a few?) Students, but when we can, we try to generate some RP for others. We look forward to coming across others who can create something interesting because of their own goals and character'set quirks.

I do want to note something you wrote:

"What I meant in the above comment was that I wouldn't want to talk to you cause I don't exactly view you as interaction worthy."

Hey man, that's just one of the several things you wrote that was uncalled for. It was in fact rude and yes, we can all have our bad days, but still, please look at rules 2G & 2H.

Manners are how you treat others people and that's just bad manners.

And no, just because someone treats you rudely in life doesn't give you the right to treat someone else rudely.

Treat them how you want to be treated.

Also, you'll find things will smooth out faster. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Plus, unless your character is stuck or you're trying to do something and tweak an electronic device, or something else where you need a dice roll, make a note instead and don't use xhelp. The administrators are volunteers and have a lot going on but they do read your @notes to come up with plots and to refresh their memory of what you're trying to do or have done in game.

Have Patience.

Also, the xgame help channel has people who will help answer questions on game commands, etc. (Type: xgame and your question.) You may ready know that, but I'm putting here as a "just in case" plus for any new people who read the thread.

If it's something your character can ask though, you will be encouraged to do that because doing that will help generate RP.

Hopefully this helps give you some pointers for when you continue.