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Am I able to create multiple characters?

I created a character and didn't like the way she turned out. I've just started the game, but I can't seem to find a way to start over. Can I add a new character or what do I need to do to start over?
Multiple characters is not supported.

Fortunately, there are a great many ways to meet ones end in Withmore.

Hi Krokodile,

Daibutsu did put it simply. :)

It is one character at a time as a general rule.

If you just started this character then it's at the start where you still can go another route and play off what little you know of whatever you chose as skills, play that off as dabbling in it?

That's one option.

You can have a 2nd character if this one goes on a 6 month vacation or you do something in game to get someone to kill you. (Keep in mind that some people corpse clone others from time to time. )

Suicide is highly frowned upon. Why would your character kill themselves if there was not an uninterested player behind the scenes? It can happen but read up on Three Ways to Die.

But here is a thread on suicides and death.

I did include a couple links to threads you can read there which includes the archived post : Three ways to die.

Just scroll down.

Hope this helps.

She can always hate Withmore and leave, never to return. Makes more sense to me than the character suddenly killing themselves, ESPECIALLY with no prior indication of suicide in written histories that have been submitted for approval.

My 2 cents.

Suicide is highly frowned upon.

Whoa whoa whoa. There's a helpfile on suicide which is aimed at exactly what the original poster is asking. I'd much rather see a bored player suicide their uninspiring character and get one they ARE fired-up to play.

What's frowned upon is IC suicides for OOC reasons which fuck up gameplay for other people, which are wildly unrealistic actions for characters whose clones are going to live on to take, or which are just basically metagame cheating.

In short: If your character has made RP commitments to other players' characters, resolve them in some way before making your character permadie or otherwise disappear. If your character is going to continue to be in the game, ask yourself long and hard whether the reason you're thinking about making your character choose a non-permanent suicide is realistic, reasonable or remotely IC.

SOME suicides are frowned upon. Others are permitted, encouraged and, when a player wants to roll a new one, expected.

There are more stylish ways to go out than jumping off a bridge without warning, but as long as you aren't fucking other players over OOCly, go for it and enjoy your new character.

Help Suicide

Killing Off Your Character

Death In Sindome PART DEUX

Three Ways To Die...

And if you're looking for more meat and potatoes of HOW?

Slap a tough looking NPC.

Examine here in rooms with high vantage points (Skywalk).

Plus a bunch more, but those two are supper effective.

That's what I meant. OOC reasons for the suicides. Sorry that part wasn't clear. :s

Definitely seek to play something you're interested in. Lots you can do here and people to RP with.

Yeah. It's also important to remember that you earn unassigned experience for playing, and suicide removes it all from you.

It's also important to remember that ultimately you won't choose your path; Your path will choose you. You don't choose the place that hires you. You don't choose the friends you find to make. You don't choose how far you'll get to go on any given Sunday. You choose your focus, and that's about it. Everything else that happens is up to the rest of the cursed city you live in (or don't live in, as the case may be).

Suicide for your character ends that focus, but it also ends all the RP that still was going to happen. RP that you cannot foresee. RP that you will not expect. RP that will take you don't a path you never expected to go. RP that is ultimately set in motion by every action you take. This game works because of that RP. Think twice before you put an abrupt end to it.

I very nearly perma-suicided my character out of OOC and IC frustration two weeks into the game -- something I wouldn't dream of doing now, as I've had some amazing RP and enjoyment, even learned a lot about a lot of topics!

Have a little faith in your character!