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Advantages and Disadvantages in Respec
Request to make that optional

I just read the help file for "Respec" and realized that the character Advantages and Disadvantages will be reset as well if we use the Respec.

There are many people who have been looking forward to using the Respec someday to fix the skills/stats in which they've accidentally put UE into.

It just doesn't seem fair that they'd have to risk rerolling their Advantages and Disadvantages again, after coming so far with roleplaying based on how it was before.

Can you please make the Advantages and Disadvantages an optional thing to reset as part of the Respec?

I honestly think respec is good as it is because it's a full on reroll. Staff do grant you a mulligan after respec if you roll a disadvantage that doesn't fit either.
Do you still get an advantage mulligan after respec if you previously used the mulligan?
I can assure you that this is not an issue when it comes to doing a respec. The system can handle this and advantages are something we watch on respecs just as much as we watch skill/stat changes. I won't go into details but should you respec we can tell you how to handle this when we let you know how to work the respec system in general.