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WebClient Not For You?
An open discussion of what you need in a client

As we approach today's townhall (Summer 2018) I find myself looking at technical things, like today, WebClient usage is somewhere between 50 and 65%. Thats a lot of people using it, but theres quite a few who choose not to.

This has me wondering, for those of you who choose not to use the WebClient, what are your reasons? What do we need to make better about it?

I sometimes play in a slow connection and the webclient seems to have a lower timeout time than, say, VMoo, which will patiently wait until my connection catches up before loading the next chunk of buffer. I will constantly have to refresh the webclient (i.e. the page has to load all over again) in this instance and for me it's more convenient to use a client which only has to handle reconnection to the MOO.

Now, don't get me wrong. The webclient is otherwise perfect. I love it in every aspect. However sometimes it doesn't just cut it for me :)

If I'm able to play at my PC the web client is great. However, the bulk of my time is on a phone where the web client does not perform well at all. This might be the reason for some of your numbers Johnny, as there are quite a few players that utilize mobile clients.

If I do get the opportunity to actually sit at my computer, I always utilize the web client. It works very well there.

I use the webclient whenever possible.

However, the webclient seems to be more resource (CPU and Memory) and data heavy then a simple client. It also seems to be more sensitive to patchy connections. So I might break out a simple mud client when I know I'm traveling through patchy areas, using a low end device, low on data and the like.

When I first started Sindome I still played a few other MOO/MUDs and I preferred to have one client for them all. But all others have been left behind so it's no longer a concern.

Lastly, I remember having the webclient sometimes work well and sometimes not work at all on my phone. So I eventually just decided to use a simple client on it as data and spotty connectivity were already concerns anyways.

MUSHclient supports multiple M*s at once v0v.

And the Webclient doesn't work as well on mobile / on my wifi hotspots when I'm on duty on the ship, so.

I have one key reason to use Mudlet instead - it automatically logs all my roleplay directly to my pc, split by days.
The webclient also creates glitches with the colour when painting IC.
When I try using the client linked from the website it's unusable for me, it's like there's some kind of overlay that I can't seem to get rid of.

The works on the other hand but I get these blank squares showing up as text on chrome, so I use firefox... which can lag and crash out when I highlight text.