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so am i the only one that d/d ed today?

weak, no cable internet proglems (for once) and I still disconnected...   am I the only one?
I get discoed too, which really butsts my balls as I am connected directly into the south easts largest backbone. I mean I have The Internet for 2/3 of South East US in my back door and i get shit when I connect to SD. In St loouis.  I think it had something to do with the packet route. But I can normaly tell when its about to happen cuase I see this on my screen:

Ninja Goat Bob says "You silly fool you can not harm me"
to bob I don t wish harm, i wish death...
.look directly at bob narrowing your glance
lo e
lo w
ooc damnit my commands are backing up, i think i'm about to disco
xhelp Hey guys i think my computers losin itmm i think im being discoed

and none of my commands eer go thru, well to me. but the admin got my xhelp before like that and i woke up in the void and they put me right back where i was.

No, I discoed to. Couldn't ping the box for a good 5 minutes. But not everyone did, and the MOO didn't go down.

We're multi-honed to several major backbones, but even that sometimes isn't enough to make the magic work. All it takes is one bad link in the long chain of routers your packets are hopping through to make it all go terribly wrong before BGP can do it's job. Nothing we can do in that case...

And we always try and accomidate connection problems when we can, but we can't make gaurentees. It's strictly 'If there's someone around and they notice it' kinda thing.


I've noticed an increase in disconnection anomalies across the net in recent months. I personally blame it on the dramatic increase in malicious activity.
I've had huge problems with comcast at my girlfriend's house,(much to here evercrack brother's dismay)  it disconnects and goes down all the time.   but at my house I never have a problem, ever, both comcast cable internet, but not close enough to be on the same uh... branch, node, whatever.. probibaly why I they have problems and I don't. we usually attribute it to the fact that there are more people with the service in their neighborhood than mine so they are probibaly sharing with quite a few more people.  and suprize, suprize comcast doesn't seem to give a fuck.  they disconnect for 3-12- sometimes 20 hours at a time at least 3 times a month.   and have quick outages (just long enough to boot us from our games) a couple times a day (though it's been like 10-12 times today)  still comcast doesn't even offer a small discount for the inconvience.  if it were my account with all the trouble I'd either get a discount, or start looking for another high speed ISP (which unfortunately are in short supply in south bend, IN)  I've used dsl before and was disappointed.  *shrug* oh well, the connection at my house is near perfect nearly all of the time.  (can't remember a time I've disconnected at home)
*looks round*
YEs, interesting.