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Server panic?

I'm assuming nobody else can connect, but, y'know, just wanna make sure I'm not laying vulnerable somewhere public.
Moo's down for me too.
Can't connect either
Likewise 'Moo is offline'.
Thank ye, Baguette. I was worried it was just me!

This is why we need some kinda website chat or something!!! Forums are outdated. :^)

I have a hunch it has something to do with the same thing that made the mall on Green disappear, lmao
SD is dead. Finally... we can move on with our lives... hahaha... ha.
P.S Did Butako accidentally delete the city?

(Just joking, we love you :o)

she's back
inb4 all data lost, Sindome resets.

(Also just joking, bless all devs that work hard!)