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New Character
Trying to get started here

So, uhh... Yeah. I think I deleted my new character. Couldn't get the login/connect to work after it DC'd while writing my history. I think I hit the reap button on my profile / character list thinking it would reset something. Character is now gone.

Won't let me make a new character, saying I already have one assigned to my email. Is there any way to fix my massive screw-up?

Edit: Tried the Guest connect workaround to @reg a new character: says guests are currently disabled.
I think the reaped button just removes it from your list. You can re-add it at any time.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

1. Go to

2. Log in using your account, if an account login screen appears.

3. Fill in the connect info with your character name and password.

If you get to the game screen and it says your character is unknown, you may have the name or password wrong. You can type CONNECT (NAME) (PASSWORD) to get connected.

If you haven't changed your character's password, it should still be the same as the one in the email you received.

Happy RPing! 😁