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MUSHclient and Pueblo conflict

I am using MUSHclient ver. 3.25. on a WIN98 machine
I use it because its light on the ram, has everything, and for the most part completely dependable, although there is one issue. If I turn the pueblo settings on, it munches all < and every other > "when they are in a repeated string like in the SIC who list" from my output everything runs fine, but helpfiles with them in it get any word with < > on both side obliterated, and I cant see most of everything on the SIC network. Have any of you ran into this? or can you think of any solution? I contacted them and they just told me to have you guys remove the <>. I don't think thats going to happen so I am looking for an alternate solution so I can use pueblo features. Yes I know I can download pueblo and zmud instead but I have past experiences with them that makes me biased against them both.
Or you could just not use Pueblo settings when not using Pueblo... And no of course were not going to remove the < and >. We don't advocate using Pueblo settings with non Pueblo-compliant clients.

Wouldnt' that be the simple solution?

Perhaps I'm overthinking this one. Exactly what pueblo feature are you using?

And yeah: I hate Pueblo too. ZMud is stable, feature rich and has a very large support and user base.  Of course 99.987% of the features you'll find in ZMud is worthless on this MOO... but that's not the point.

There's also VMoo, but that's mostly used by us admin type.


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AHEM *clears his throat*
Sorry just had to say it, I started playing SD on pueblo, I've played it on zmud too, out of the three I've had the least amount of problems and -like- VMOO the best.
The documentation with MUSHclient says it is completely complient with MXP and Pueblo, and theres only two modes, on or off. It is trying to use < and > as tags to prompt it into doing things, and is bitching at me in the debugging log when it can't resolve your ansi art. I will just have to do without publo features I guess, because for one zmud acts weird on my system, and wastes resources on my piece of crap computer. I use mushclient because it has everything zmud has, but barely uses or wastes any resources. The other issue I tend to have with zmud when I bought myself a copy is that it would randomly wipe out all my profiles and settings.
Simple solution, though a little late:

Just turn off HTML-compatibility. With MUSHClient it tries to parse ANYTHING with a < in front of it, and sometimes reads things with a > after it as wanna-be HTML tags. If you know anything about HTML, all commands/comments start with < and end with >. I'd look on your settings to see if you can turn off HTML-Parsing/HTML-Compatibility only, then all other features should work fine. As i'm running a superior Mac PowerBook G4, I can't help you with what the results would be.

All hale the TiBook!
Personally I hate Zmud. I've tried a few other clients (including Vmoo), but I always go back to mushclient. It's light, easy to use, has more features then you'll ever need and all that jazz.

The idea of spending the hours and hours that I play the game listening to midi music frankly scares me.


Everyone should just use telent, even if it does lead to things like:

Mr.Tinkles lenads pom teh baer and signs a happy song/


I tried MushClient and Pueblo and didn't like either.

I still use MuckClient, which lets you keep your Pueblo settings on if needs be. It also lets you use a proxy if you need to and can run hidden for those people who like a lil moo'in at work.

Muck client is horrible too.