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New Character Troubles

So I came back to the game, only to find that my over 2 year old character had not been reaped, despite being inactive for more than long enough. The manage character screen seemed to think he was 4 months old, but it was explained to me in gamehelp that it was simply a result of switching away from LambaMOO. So I kill off my old character, and get to creating a new one. Things go smoothly, get through immigration, get clothes, and get to refamiliarizing myself with the game. Before long I enter a coffin and begin working on my @history, but of course I am disconnected by the AFK timer before I can finish my submission. Upon attempting to reconnect, I am hit with "either that player doesn't exist, or the password is incorrect." Moreover, the character manager screen still shows my old character. I attempted logins both from the manager screen, and from "play now," with no success from either. What should I do?
So, looking back through my old emails, I was able to find a temporary password that worked for logging on to my new character. However, the manage character screen is still incorrect.