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Android Mud connection
Blowtorch and others

I have tried dozens of times to connect and no go. I am trying on Android and the muclient isn't in the play store. I am not on WiFi and don't know why I can't connect either on the web connect one.

Same error message pops up : reconnecting on another port.

I just did a quick test using Blowtorch and had no issues on or off wifi.

Make sure there is no space after or 5555, it's picky and will throw errors if there is.

If you want to share your device and OS version # I can emulate and try that for good measure.

good luck!

how do I get the device and Os #
@AbstractArtist: Settings > About Phone

You should see something like this:

Android Version : 8.1.0

Model A502DL

That's my phone's stuff hope that helps