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Call me horny but...

Would you suppose there would be any demand for a 'sex sim' as per 'Phallus Palace' SICADs? That would be pretty fun to code...
Damn straight there would be.

And they're excelent candidates for the new $holograpic_advertisement_script.

This is a 'type' of $npc_centric_script where the %npc is a hologram which is created when the script starts, and destroyed when the script ends, so you can ACCUALY look and emote against the hologram.

Stay tuned for more details comming soon.


So do they just get written like you would write:

Uses $npc_centric_script

we would write:

uses $holographic_advertising_script


Put this at the top of your script:

[font=courier]use $holographic_advertisement_script[/font]

The variable %npc will be provided for you and will be an EMPTY hologram object. You'll need to rename it, describe it and move it where you need it.

The variable %location will be provided as the object number of the location the %player is at. Additionally, since these are holographic in nature, the SIC alias of the %player is also available as the variable %alias.

Now, more on -why- %alias is available. The hologram has no way of knowing your name. Your SIC alias is readily available from your SIC implant so this is what the hologram has available.

I'd like to see some stripping hologram scripts to put in use at the orifice. If anyone has a log of themselves stripping and are willing to let us turn it into a script, please email it to me. Please note, I won't take any log of someone else stripping, I don't think its cool to reproduce a performance like that without permission.

Heh, does myself doing a strip-tease(sort of) at the drome count?

Would we just call on %npc then? or would it be %hologram or something? Also, should we rename the hologram to:
John Doe?
Hologram of John Doe?
Just curious.

(Edited by Hunter at 11:39 pm on Oct. 26, 2002)

I never should have looked in the past.

Heh...if you wanted I could just come up with a stip-tease on my own...make it original instead of searching for one and askin for perm and what not...Lemme know...

BTW if you guys have a list of  little scripts that you would like handled send me a mail to [email protected]  I'll see what i can crank out. Something that would be nice thuogh is  a list of the scripting commands like...pronouns and other miscelanious items...i dunno maybe i'm just stupid and shouldn't bother...but I see old posts with no replies or answers so i thought maybe if they're arent the most important i could start there so incase i mess up it wont be that big a deal...i dont wanna take away from the GMs coding time and what not....

Tool signing out.

Were not going to email anyone directly. We're posting stuff to the boards that can be worked on. You reply with your work and we integrate what we can use and the community learns from it all.

All the commands are explained in the old topics found mostly on page two (cause their old).

I dont know if anyone has started any for the oriface or not, but I will do a few stripping scripts either tonight or tomarrow and submit them. �also wanted to thank johnny and kev for all their hard work, this scripting thing is alot of fun :)