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Play Scripts
for television, movies and more.

The play script assumes the variable %npc is provided and its commands are meant to be executed with a focus around a play and its stage, which is known as %location. You can use this in a script by making the first line 'uses $play_script'. It's parent is $npc_centric_script, which also defines commands.

$play_script adds the following commands:

actor/actress STRING variable. STRING name, STRING decription
 Creates an actor, describes him, and moves him offstage.
 Use 'enter' to move him onstage, and 'exit' to move him offstage.
 Ex. actor "%romeo" is named "Romeo" and looks like "A tall dashing young man."
     actress "%juliet" is "Juliet" and looks like "A beatiful younge lady."

as OBJECT actor
Makes this actor do the next set of lines. Be sure the actor is on stage!
Ex. as %romeo
    say "Yeah right"
    as %juliet
    say "I agree."

enter OBJECT actor/actress, (optional) STRING announce message
 Makes an actor go on stage (%location) from offstage.
 Optionally announces their departure if you provide a message to announce.
 Ex. enter %romeo "Romeo walks in from the east holding Juliet's hand."
     enter %juliet

exit OBJECT actor/actress, (optional) STRING announce message
 Makes an actor go off stage (%offstage) from wherever they are.
 Optionally announces their departure if you provide a message to announce.
 Ex. exit %romeo "Romeo walks out the door and down the street with Juliet in tow."
     exit %juliet

place OBJECT actor, STRING look_place message
 Changes the look place message on the actor/actress to be the message.
 Ex. place %romeo is "standing here, looking at Juliet."

Okay, now, how would we then set up the script including player actions? �You know, so we can have people being actors in our films. �You talked about slaving them to the script. �How?

And is:

actress "%juliet" is "Juliet" and looks like "A beatiful younge lady."

the syntax you use to create, name and describe an npc?

(Edited by Hirononbu at 5:55 am on Dec. 17, 2002)

Hmm...problem: even a 5 minute script is 20 pages long...

How frequently should new actions occur? You probably wouldn't want them running constantly, or it would just flood the character's screen with text too fast. Do the pausing commands still work? Or will it only use the NPC automatic timing? But anyways....  *I got a new bong today!* :p

You HAVE to use pauses with play scripts, there is no automatic pausing.
Assuming the actor/actress is an NPC, whatever they 'say' or 'do' or 'to', etc, is queued and has automatic timing applied.

If the automatic timing is not enough for your use you may want to add your own pauses too. It's really a trial and error process until it looks right :)

For example, 30 days was run almost exclusively with $play_script and we would test the scripts numerous times before their run (except for those times where the scripter was running behind and we didn't get as much testing) and we still had a few minor glitches with timing.

~ J

Wait, then why when Kevlar ran my script for me the first time, when I didn't include pauses, did it just send line after line of the thing, no pausing in between?
Since $Play_Script is based on the $NPC_Centric_Script you can use parent functions like "tell %player", right?
The thing with play scripts is that once you add one pause it will expect pauses for everything else.

So either you use it or you don't.

As for the "tell %player" yes, you can. It inherits it from it's parent.

Is there a way I can reference the tv? Something like a pronoun similiar to %l.