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My Current Efforts

-Current Script Work-

|Short Script for renting 'nice' apartments, (Knife/Ashlin, and the Viesques place up on Green)|

// Trigger is completing the rental procedure (ie, going to the door to an empty apt, 'rent')
tell the %player "A sweet, melodic female voice eminates from a small speaker adjacent to the rent

payment slot, 'Thank you for choosing Viesques Place for your living needs. Distinguished living for the

distinguished Withmore citizen. Please wait while your rent is processed."
pause 5
tell the %player "The sweet voice intones softly. 'You may now enter, your code is (however that is

substituted in).'

|Short Script for entering 'nice' apartments. (K/A, Vies, and whatever the hell is/will be on Blue)

// Trigger is a player entering their apartment.
tell the %player "A pleasant, soft female voice echoes quietly, 'Welcome home."

~Next part will actually need some more shit implemented before it'll work, so this script actually

isn't complete or working, but it's a vision I had and I think it'd be damn cool, just not sure what

other code/effort would be needed to make it work.

// Trigger is the player closing/locking the door to their apartment once they're inside.
tell the %player "A familiar, warming female voice flows to your ears as the door locks, 'Your apartment

is now secure. There are %I new NLM board posts, and you currently have %I unread NLM messages.'"

~Basically, the above would require some new coding, obviously. �I was thinking that the 'NLM Options'

would only be spoken/available if said player has an NLM quickterm, and that they have it somehow hooked

up in their apartment...perhaps something along the same lines as the SHI SIC boosters that could be

installed wherever. And perhaps when the player wakes up, they can say 'Status', either simply or maybe

to an interface, and the feedback voice would issue essentially the same message, "Room is currently

secure, there are blah posts, etc..."

Trying to put it into script makes it sound like a stretch, but I've envisioned it and for the richies

that could afford places like that, it'd be a really cool feature, due both to some convenience and just

general 'that's cool'-ness.
// Trigger is based on the day/rent of the apartment, the script would trigger the day before and the

day of rent needing to be paid when the player came home, basically slotting into the following chunk of

tell the %player "A familiar, warming female voice flows to your ears as the door locks, 'Your apartment

is now secure. There are %I new NLM board posts, and you currently have %I unread NLM messages.

Reminder: Rent of 10000 chyen due tomorrow.'"

~I've no idea what the rent is, except A/K are 8000/week, but you get my meaning. I see all of this as

incentive for players who can afford it to achieve better living. Instead of the obvious aesthetic/size

improvements, they'd also get true convenience.

(Edit: Sorry for the odd breaks in this, c/p'ed straight from Notepad)

(Edited by Lotus at 11:10 pm on Sep. 14, 2002)

More shit I did today. I know they're simple, repetitive, and probably shitty, but it's what I have.

// Daytime-RED Ambient Script 1
// Triggers as soon as the player enters the room (just a street somewhere)
tell %player "You feel a discarded can of Ebola Cola crumple beneath your foot as you walk along the

crowded street."
pause 3
tell %player "A passing man rudely bumps into you as he passes, leaving a small blotch of dirt on your

// Nighttime Near/Entering Drome Script
// Trigger as the player enters the room directly north of the Black Drome bar
tell %player "The overwhelming smell of alcohol drifts from the entrance to the south, and you step

aside to let a lumbering drunk pass; a loud chorus of drunken cackling draws you furthur toward the

-The next little triggered response is supposed to be fairly exactly like the one delivered at Grunen's

on Green, when you pass from the bar to the shop, and it says something as far as "Looking for antiques,

are we?" But I've no idea how to incorporate such a triggered message.
// Triggered message comes next, if the player then proceeds south into the Drome
tell %player "The drunk you let pass mumbles something after you as you step into the light of the bar."
// Nighttime-RED Ambient Script 1
tell %player "You feel a rush of reeking wind as a beaten-up black car flies by you at an obscene

velocity, and you watch it pull tightly around a corner ahead of you, and a moment later the hair on the

back of your neck rises as you hear shots ring out from around the corner."
// Nighttime-RED Ambient Script 2
tell %player "A flickering neon sign casts eerie colored lights across the street.
pause 3
tell %player "The light from a red neon 'Live Girls' sign reflects from the eyes of someone in a nearby

alley, giving you the impression to pass quickly."

// Nightmare Script 1
create a new $room and call it "%street"
rename the %prison so it's now called "Hazy View of Knife Street"
describe the %prison like this: "A stretch of Knife Street as you remember it, though hazy through the

mists of unconsciousness."
avatar the %player as a $dream_avatar and call his avatar "%avatar"
move the %avatar into the %street
pause for 10 seconds
tell %avatar "You find yourself walking down the street, and you immediately realize the street is

completely empty, though everything is as it should be, bright neon lights illuminating the oily

pause 15
tell %avatar "As you continue walking, knowing where you're going but not quite able to place your

destination, you glance to your left, down a short alley, and you see a young girl, perhaps 8 years old

and vaguely familiar. She steps closer to you, speaking softly, 'Would you like a cookie?'"
pause 25
tell %avatar As you step closer to the child, she grins in a way that seems sincere, and slowly fades

into thin air, leaving behind only a large bloodstain on the sidewalk surrounded by a small chalk

pause 20
tell %avatar You continue on walking, and after short while you hear a loud giggling behind you, as you

turn around, you're suddenly hit by a very powerful impact.
pause 3
unavatar the %avatar and give me back my "%player"
force the %player to ".sit straight up from my sleeping position, realizing I'm very cold, a thin film

of sweat covering my forehead, the memory of the dream slowly fading away as the small girl's giggle

echoes through my mind."

My ideas so horrid I don't even  get a "You suck, go away" post? :O)
Not at all man. Some of them are quiet good. Some things I'm not sure of are the things like stepping on a can, and then 3 seconds later having someone burb, and it dirties your clothing everytime. That would get old quickly. But just the stepping on the can is cool! In fact...

Hmm... Well now I'm off on a new direction. But we won't go there right now. There's other things we need to worry about.

I'm much more concerned with ambient message scripts than entrance/exit scripts. You know, your standing in a room and recieve a message? But I like where your headed with some of these.

Except some of them are simple one liners. I mean we can do thoes without scripts.

The point of a script is to provide a linear series of events. Think watching a sports game. Or a nightmare.

Thoes are perfect.

How's the script parser workin for you on these?

And as for how to get these triggered correctly, wait for Part 2: Context Specific Scripting.

Sorry about the lack of reply. I'm a bonehead. You're doing great. Try to get some of these to parse, and then @submit-script them, and we'll run a few on you so you can see the result. M'Kay?