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Let's work on it IC for a bit
Call out to da playa's

Ok ok...I've been attempting to think up ways to drum some more media into your heads.

What I'd like is for you all to come up with different media icons. In these categories (you can come up with more categories):

Movie Stars:
TV Stars:
Sports Stars:
This one may have to wait to see what kind of sports still exist, but I'll take ideas on that too.
Sports Team Names:
Public Icons:
People that might not be employed by anyone but might have a propaganda that they throw out.
Cartoon/mascots: Something for some of the products. Similar to the Pilsbury Dough Boy or the Hamburger Helper glove man dude.

I think for the safety and originality of our game we should come up with brand new ideas. Or if you want to come up with Parodies.

DISCLAIMER: I won't guarantee that we'll use these, and I can't promise that you'll get credit for us using them. But know we may pick and choose and mix mash etc. And also know that we thank you for every word of productive input you type on these forums. Thanks.


The Fender Cybercaster, built in MEF (Multi-effects processor), cyber-interface (when cybernetics get put in?), built-in amp AND jacks for different stage props.
The Fender Cybercaster: The One-Man Show is now a reality.


Crimson Hands

-An electronic/metal star, spokesperson for the Fender CyberInstruments Division, has his own line of Fender Cybercaster. Popular because he somehow manages to run five instruments on his CyberCaster as well as over seven stage props and lighting as well as pyrotechnics without blacking out from the stress.


For the SIC, the SICPuppy! A cute little cartoon puppy with a microchip showing on his forehead. (Gotta sell the idea to kids too, right?)

When i think of more I'll post again.

SICpuppy... lmao, I -love- it.
Rastus loves a cutsey Idea?  It's the end of the world....god help us all
Hey, i thought of something.

Why not have a black metal band called 'Clone Death'?

SICPuppy... heh, wow, thats good...

Talkshows... and TV shows... lets see...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer...
Larry King III, Live.

And Dick Clark would still be alive to drop the ball on New Years. He'd have been kept alive by the wonders of modern mecial science, sealed for years in a cryogenic tank and thawed out after the big one.

I like the SICpuppy idea I think its cute. He could be a little cartoon puppy, like a Springer Spaniel or something.

I was thinking that if there were a sports team, like a baseball team or something they could have the shape of the dome itself as their logo with with "Withmore" written across the bottom of the dome.

*fade in to a bar scene, man is at bar drinking and a beautiful woman walks up, they chat and get into a cab together. FADE OUT*
Fade in, it is morining and guy is wiping sleep from his eyes to see a hideous, sunburned and cancerous refugee from the wastes*
*Bobby the SynthBeer walks in view*
Bob: "Remember that when you drink, please drink responsibly."
Keep em coming...though we're not onto our 'remodel the media' phase just yet, we'd still like some ideas.

Also! If you have commercial ideas or SICAD ideas, write em up and xhelp someone and we can help you.

NOW: As well as coming up with ideas for media flooding, do you have any questions on current corporations or media relations that the corp page (under 'Pay Data' i believe) doesn't answer?

How about name brands?

NeXus is similar to where Nike would be. the LATEST in urban wear etc...

But what bout Coke? What would be a good name for a soda line? We've got Rikken McChikken instead of McDonalds (of course the one on Red is MUCH like some of the McD's that I've seen, run down, greasy etc...)

I need yer brains workin' people?

Movie companies? Mirimax/Dreamworks... Get some good names.


think of this as fleshing out the world of the ground up parsely on a fancy meal.


Fizzy Pop!

And for synthetic foods (made with that nutrisoy stuff) -
Ish Inc., makers of
and also a TV-Dinner equivalent: Food-ish (what else can you eat when you're poor?)



clothing brand names..
Hephaestus Coldwear (keeps you cool in the summer!)
DuraTex (long-lasting work clothes)
Raoul Delaforet (haute-couture synthleather)
London Match

some general brands..
NuBakelite (high-impact plastic and polymer products)
NeverWare (software dev?)
RitmoTropical Records (y'know, music publisher)

Uhh, that's all I got in my head right now.

How about WJF trading cards for kids. Like those He-Man cards that were around when we were kids. Sort of as a way to keep the WJF popular with the kiddies and encourage them to Obey the Law. You could get a shiny packet with the WJF logo on the front of the cellophane wrapper, and inside would be a piece of bubble gum and three cards. The judges on the cards would be legendary. People who did great heroic things.

You could get kids going to McChikken for offical WJF card trading days. And there could be commericials for it.

Also how about a commercial for the WTA - Withmore Transportation Authority, encouraging people to ride the Mag-lev and save themselves the hassle of parking in overcrowded garages and worrying about car theives.

Y'know...I think I saw a WJF Action figure somewhere in the game...perhaps those will be out someday. :P WIth an animated series and everything hehe Kinda like rescue heroes or whatever.
What about public service announcments?

I was thinking CityServices could issue them. Maybe a Pro Abortion one to go with the hanger in clinic?

[The camera pans in on an over crowed school room. Kids beat each other up for a few Chyen their parents gave them for Soymilk that day. As the camera comes to the front of the class, a teacher, obviously an actor is sitting at the desk.] "Do you really want to bring a child up in this enviroment? We at city services provide, low cost, minium treatment, child prevention methods. If you or somebody you know is pregnant, feel free to contact us." -This has been a CityService Announcment.-

Ooooh.. hmm..that WJF card idea sounds really good..and hell, it may become more popular, and some real adults might play it.  Judge Expansion set..(Allandra and Gerik cards!!), The "Evil" Decker Gang, and hell,. who knows.  Some of the cards may be *really* valuable and could be sold for lots of the right person, of course.  Probably like a special card or hobby shop dealer.  

Also, there should be differant stations that are changable in the game.  Not some gigantic 144-channel system like in real life, but maybe just a few, 7 or so, with differant program listing for each day of the week, one being like a family channel, one being a WJF channel, one a news, one a music, etc....

Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but commercials for this would be all over the place.

How about a Running Man style game show?  But more like the novella, not the movie.  Doesn't -have- to be to the death (but the show might cover your clone cost if you agreed to it.  Maybe a bigger prize or something?)

Some PCs could be the hunters (get's them into the media eye a bit) and there's enough PCs with a combat type background just sitting around wasting their skills away.

Some PCs could be runners (got to make the chyen for that H&K P7 somehow, right?)

Someone could be the host?

I could see bets being taken, name brand merchandise, news controversy .. lots -o- good/bad stuff can come from this.

SICpuppy is a -must-

I'll post other stuff when I get a few ideas together.

Never read to book, but if it's anything like the movie...GREAT IDEA Like nlm's thirty days of christmas that could have loads of potential....I love it
The book is better than the movie. Much better.

I mean, does Arnold Schwartzenegger look poor, underfed and desperate to you?

Oh, and the ending kicks ass.

I think you should have a company called Microsoft-Sony, and they control a huge section of the corporate world.  That'd be very realistic, cause you could say that they'd merged and now have a corner of the market all to themselves. Either that or the SIC was invented by them and they've branched into another company.  I just think Microsoft should be a big part of the economy still.  Maybe Bill Gates was cloned a whole bunch of times with the lates technology and is still alive? Hehe

*only half serious, but yeah it could work*

Have rivals ZAP ,  NUKE  , BLAST   SODA   - all with the benefitial elements of concentrated recycled E numbers - with people arguing over which gives the "true" experience, they could distort stats - like lots of agility sudently and very little perception, and then you could be weak for 10 minutes afterwards. Well just a thought

When programing is fully implemted, and software corps spring up, you could have LINTEL (linux and intel) LINDOWS (linux and windows) WINTEL (obvious)  

BlackBox coding,  bluebox bespoke buerocrat systems BBBS or B3S, but BS3 would be cool, as in BSE - mad cow desease (sorry got caried away)

and Questtech global elite or systems, (on a quest driven by technology - cyberpunk mysticism with techo stuff) or BlueQuest (nicer guys)

Hmmm I don't know, what about SOUPI - pronounced soo pie - oriental soup take away - "feeling peckish when your out and about, eat soupi, it's not quit soup its not quit sushi, its tast so good it'll make you loopy" - (SORRY THAT'S UNBEARABLE - i'll get my coat)

Ohh, A name for a software house like the internet one in the simpsons - the one with bill gates, would be cool
A hugely obscure and long name :) I've embaraced myself enough I think. Oh SICpuppy is really good, and Fluffy white bunny's shoudl be available at the pet store - fluffy bunny refernces shoudl be everywhere, like on letterheads  to remind everybody that sindome IS fluffy bunny land. :) ^_^

Warez Companies
4ft3r-bRth: Taking whats left of corpie software and giving it to you.
R3D-T1D3: make your own slogan heh.

Wok and Bwok: Can't think of a slogan, but basicly think of the precooked chinese food that is often sold in supermarkets.
TzuBombs: think subway
el Tortilla: tex-mex joint, like tacobell

Burnt Linoleum
DCD: play off the disease with an acronym???

TerraTEK: think rock climbing, and related clothing gear
Terf: ganger clothing

Japanese Sword shop
1000Fold: name based on the traditional japanese method of making steel by "folding" it.
The Hamon: Hamon is the japanese word for the temper line

or "Yasaka gumi com taicha"

*couldn't help himself*
Erm the japanese words for the ones you used would be cool as names.
It would be cool if the moo, clients, pc's suported japapanese characters, so you could look at a sign above the store and see the japanese name in grand symbols, and the small english one below. Or have no english one, but people with fluent japanese language skill able to read it, by typing look name or the like.
*noticed he really deviated, wonders why this thread was abandoned so*

This post should be moved to the scripting board! There are lots of things on here that we could incorporate into our scripting once we get started. Just a thought...
#Moderation Mode

As suggested, this thread has been moved to the Scripting Development Forum.

Moved here

SICpuppy was indeed a great idea, but what about Cluck?! �The insane chicken that was cruelly implanted with an SIC chip by gangers. �My original idea was that perhaps Rikken McChikken had an escaped chicken (or if chickens are extinct during this time, which is sorta what I figured due to the advertisements, they could have discovered chicken DNA and cloned it, Cluck later escaping). �And perhaps there could be an award or something from RMcC if a player caught Cluck or something. �I dunno. �the admins thought it was a stupid idea the first time i suggested it, and I'd have to agree. �But nevertheless there ya go. �;P


Forgive me.  I'm tired and have a bad cold.  :(  Not to mention I'm a goofy bastard.  ;P

(Edited by Aikao at 9:35 pm on Sep. 19, 2002)

Microtosh - Macinsoft one of these, microsoft bought macintosh in the future, and created some HUGE computer conglomerate that cumulatively owns *everything*.

CaliTel - Competition for Pac-West?
PacBell (or is that real?)

MicroDive - A chain of sushi/O2/Karaoke-bars(in what CP movie/book have you not heard of the overcrowding of cheap sushi, karaoke, and oxygen bars?)

The Stash - a new chain of hotels?
Daze Inn - same?

MicroCosm - A virtual-reality/arcade joint? Pay-per-access Matrix interfaces? Anyone?

Bernie's Comics - *Ahem*?

Sic-Porn - Personally streamed SIC porn?(just kick me)

Netware Corp - something having to do with the matrix?

That's my 2�...

public Icons:
A street minister wandering around red spiewing religious crap, "the end is near", "repent your sins", and whatnot.

also a couple bums begging for chyen, half-crazy and telling you really weird shit.  "I've got fish in my pants"  
"do you hear the violins?"    

possibly some stray animals, cats and dogs, maybe people will even try to make them pets, but they will constantly be disagreeable, bite you when you try to pet them, hump your leg, wander in the drome and pee on the floor. one out of every 10 or 25, or 100 or whatever will be nice, and friendly, maybe even trainable.

some guy playing crappy music in the street with random insturments, begging for change, (ok that one is kinda weak)

the running man game show thing, I must say wow, most pc's would probibaly eat that up.  I know my char would.  good ieda

another npc type charcter:

a fortune teller, with her own shop, and maybe even a 1-900 number!

Well hell! That's an easy one!

Get crackin on the script, man! You can do that one entirely in Babble-On with no problem.


There's already that weird chick on the northwest side of RED..  what's her name, Gabriella?  Somethin' like that..  The script could easily work with her.

Oh, and way up there..  the 1000fold idea..  I like it.  ;P