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Idea for small scale gangs

We should have more small time street gangs. Like say their total numbers are like 12 strong, maybe write a script so that when you talk to them, and say something like...

Player"Yo G, you hook me up wit some V-202?"
Ganger A responds with "That will cost you 1000 chyen"
Player pays ganger and takes his V-202 from Ganger A.

I'd say more about, but maybe when I get home.

Or, you could buy drugs from the PC dealers out there.
The idea's got a lot of merit.

The gangers could sell it on the streets, but deal it in quanity to a few select players, who could in turn undercut the gangs.

Talk about it some more. Let's see how you would design this script.


On the gangs idea, we could get some of the smaller gangers roaming the streets, just like the ambient population but with a table of possible actions (scripts) about what he would do randomly. Something like:

if NoEnemyAround then

  r = random(x);

  if r = 1 then
  else if r = 2 then
  elseif r = 3 then
  elseif r = 4 then
  elseif r = 5 then


  int n = callScript(countEnemy)
  int a = callScript(countAlly)

  if n > a then
     if n/a > 3 then
     elseif n/a > 2 then
  else if a > n then

(Disclaimer that isn't Babble-On just some lazy way to show a logic)