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Holo-ads in general...
..and fholo-ad walls in particular

In the movie Minority Report if I recall correctly something I found very neat was one scene where the main character, who is on the run, walks down a busy corridor of some kind, and is flooded on both sides by something like two solid sheets of holographic advertisements, each 'wall' split up into different segments within which a corporation's ad is playing. Each segment is whispering incessantly at him, calling him by his first name, beckoning him to by some product...

I was thinking it would be very cool, in which case, to have even more messages.. like say walking along a corridor (just moving 'e') would trigger a string of potentially different holo-ads as you go along, totally saturating your brain with corporate propaganda and any number of product names...

So if movement could trigger a bunch of various BabbleOn scripts, I guess, each script being one segment of this larger 'holographic' wall, with potentially multiple overlapping whispers and images occuring, all described as appearing in different locations (e.g. 'To your immediate left  a small holographic image of a tree growing to full size from a sapling in the space of a few seconds shifts into idyllic scenes of tranquility which move at a jarring pace' 'The holo-ad to your immediate left whispers "ToxPower: Powering the future" to you.' or whatever..) would produce an interesting atmospheric effect.

Is a project like this worth persuing or are holo-ads limited to the figures/mascots appearing at the MagLev stations?

I have to say..I don't get the video walls on the streets.. on Red you'd imagine if there were video walls on the streets they'd be vandalised and/or stolen. I would imagine many more, smaller holographic ads, in small segments... rotating logos, images replayed in random locations on the street, scattered all over the place.

And in corridor type places (like Cordoba Mallplex perhaps), being flanked by entire sheets of flickering, shifting, mutating holo-ads by innumerable different companies and products. Of course, only a few would be communicated to the player in detail to avoid spamming, but the overall effect would be quite powerful I believe.

Worked on this for a bit and just wanted to see if the concept was feasible and if the script is a decent representation of the above idea...

Instead of multiple scripts for each ad I tried to just make one $npc object that would basically stream out 3 ads per instance of the script out of 4 possible ads. As it stands (I think :)), as I had some trouble figuring out how to avoid this, no same two ads may run one after the other, but the same ad may run in the same instance of the script. So potentially ad 2 could run, then ad 4, then ad 2 again.. but also maybe ad 1, ad 4, then ad 2.. until it all blends into a cacophony of light and crazed fast-forwarded whispering..and you ignore it.

I just envisioned it as something one would encounter in the main walk area of Cordoba Mallplex.

First script I done so please tear it apart with criticism..e.g. if there's an easier way to do it... I believe I secured against infinite loops, but still when I was writing it I realized the potential for infinite loops..scary stuff... I'll ad/change the actual messages if the basic framework works.

--of course, one issue is that these holoads would be pretty perpetual, but the $npc hoload object disappears after you finally 'ignore' the bombardment...

//Holowall script

uses $holographic_advertisement_script

set %a 0
set %b 3

create $room "%unseen"
rename %npc "two wall-like formations of holo-ads flanking you"
describe %npc as "At least twenty or thirty different compartmentalized holo-ads, each piece floating in segments arranged along two wall like planes that flank you. Each seperate ad is set at varying distances from the other. A flood of whispers emanates from each segment, personally directed at different shoppers."
move %npc to %location

tell %player "You can't help but notice the mass of mutating holo-ads aligning floating like near solid walls of color on either side of you."
 //To give some sense of permenance to the non-permenant :P

label "choosead"
if equals 0 %b  //Check if three ads have run and stop if so
  tell %player "You become used to the continual bombardment of targeted ads and no longer pay attention."
  jump "end"

random %rand 4

if equals 1 %rand
  if notequals 1 %a
    jump "onead"
    jump "choosead"
elseif equals 2 %rand
  if notequals 2 %a
    jump "twoad"
    jump "choosead"

elseif equals 3 %rand  
  if notequals 3 %a
    jump "threead"
    jump "choosead"

elseif equals 4 %rand
  if notequals 4 %a
    jump "fourad"
    jump "choosead"

label "end"
move %npc %unseen

// The ads
label "onead"
  set %a 1
  decrement %b

  tell %player "One particular holo-ad to your immediate left suddenly draws your attention, obviously beginning to target you somehow."
  pause 4   //Maybe to let the player move along if they want to ignore it...
  tell %player "A soft, melodic voice that is hardly recognizable as artificial seems to enter directly into your mind..."
  whisper %player "%N, the future of energy production is the future of humankind..."
  pause 2
  tell %player "In the framed segment, a vivid image of a sapling in a green field grows into a towering mature tree in the space of a view seconds."
  whisper %player "ToxPower IS the future of energy production %N..."
  pause 2
  tell %player "The idyllic scene zooms out slightly to a wider angle, followed by jarringly rapid flashes of various other scenes of growth and generation."
  whisper %player "ToxPower: Powering your future, your childrens future, the future of humanity.. empowering YOU."
  pause 3
  tell %player "The holo-ad increases the speed of its transmission, trying to suck you in futher but eventually blending into everything else due to its obscene speed... now perhaps targeting your subconcious."
  pause 15
  jump "choosead"

label "twoad"
   set %a 2
   decrement %b

   pause 15
   jump "choosead"

label "threead"
   set %a 3
   decrement %b
   pause 15  
   jump "choosead"

label "fourad"
   set %a 3
   decrement %b

   pause 15
   jump "choosead"

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 4:54 pm on April 11, 2005)

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 4:57 pm on April 11, 2005)