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Having a hard time
reading the manual?

Ask your manual questions here and we'll help you out.

I'd like each person who -can- read this message to post at least one reply so I know who to add the scripting feature to in the game. Without the scripting feature, you won't be testing scripts :)

Ok, that was a great start to the manual. �Very clear, and I'm really getting a feeling for how to write scripts. �What is the "editor" we will need to write these? �That's my first question.

My major question is, how are these scripts implemented into the game once written? �Do they have to be "set off" in real time? �Or can they be put in the code so that they will occur by themselves at random times to random people? �This is what I had initially envisioned for doing some of those eye scan advertising ideas and the like, or my idea of a car driving by and splashing someone or something. �So, if they can occur randomly, how do you narrow down the location of where they are able to occur? �Do you have to put that in the script?

I think I had some more questions but none of them are about the manual directly. �It was very straightforward and I took a bunch of notes on it to think about. �I'm going to start jotting down some possible scripts soon. �Just let me know how I put them into the game or give them to you.

Well I suppose that's the test script command which is going to be explained in Kevlar's next post, so I'll try to be patient. �But really, I find this incredibly exciting as I've wanted to try something like this for some time now. �I really want to learn about this sort of coding and this seems a good place to start.

How many people are actually on this section of the forum? �Are a lot of players interested?
*is getting really excited* �Thank you so much J and Kev!

(Edited by Tylissa at 4:10 pm on Sep. 14, 2002)

(Edited by Tylissa at 4:11 pm on Sep. 14, 2002)

I'm here J man, and I read it, alotta of it's makin sense.  I've had a limited basis in some code.  I know this is gonna be cool, but it's really gonna take some practice getting ideas from my head to the moo.
Tylissa asked: What is the "editor" we will need to write these?

Notepad. Wordpad. Word if you like.

Tylissa also asked: How are these scripts implemented into the game once written?  Do they have to be "set off" in real time?  Or can they be put in the code so that they will occur by themselves at random times to random people?  

By admins and GM's. The idea is you write scripts appropiate to a theme, like Red street ambient population scripts, or specific to a person perhaps, like a dream, or NPC interaction, or something along thoes lines.

You will have the ability to test them, and when your ready to see them work, a GM can run them for you. I'll be addressing all this in the next part of the manual.

If this becomes too cumbersome, I'll figgure out a better solution. But for right now, this is what we have to work with. Just post what you got here, or email me ([email protected]), but for now, store em on your harddrive. You'll be cutting and pasting them in later.


Oooooh Kevlar! I love you and J both but hurry up and tell us  how to test our scripts! Lol, j/k take your time. I really appreciate what you're doing but I've already written a bunch and I'm way too excited about this. I think I need ta go take my pills.


Hey guys, just letting you know I'm in here too.  And as for Tylissa's question.  I got VMOO and it's got a built in editor,  will I be able to use it like I did while I was on Dave's Moo?  And If the answers yes...  it's a free download and you get all the features I belive,  just an annoying netzero esque window that you can't close.  
Seeing as VMOO is the greatest program EVER made...

Heh... I'm honestly not sure Alla. I know that admin can, but i am not sure whether or not players will be able to.

I'll chat with Kev and Johnny and find out.

I'm here, but I haven't read any of the other posts yet. �Just sorta browsed through them. �I probably will read them later tonight or tomorrow. �I'm very busy right now moving all my stuff into another dorm room. �I had a few "issues" with my room mate and decided it was time to move away from his smelly ass. �Anywho, yeah.. �I'm here. �:)

(Edited by Aikao at 10:19 pm on Sep. 19, 2002)

I'm here, and catching up on postings

After 8 days at Disney ...

. o O (What's a script?)

Hey, how can I have an $npc actually -do- something, like actually try and pick a $player's pocket or whatever?
Ok, this is getting scary ..

Are the 'streets' in the Moo $rooms as well?

Is there a list we might get access to that has all the currently defined $room names in it?

Hmmm, I probablt should have saved all my questions for one post, this is the last one for today, I promise.

How can we write triggers that look for $player attributes, for example, if I want 1 action to occur if the player is male, and another if female ... as in ...

create $npc as "%male1"
rename $npc as "%male1"
create $npc as "%male2"
rename $npc as "%male2"
create $npc as "%female1"
rename $npc as "%female1"

describe %male1 as "A grubby looking 30 something male with tattered clothes and bad breath"
describe %male2 as "A grubby looking 20 something male with tattered clothes and track marks on his bare arms"
describe %female1 as "A grubby looking 30 something female with tattered clothes that looks all used up"

force %male1 ".look at $player"
force %male1 "say Hey, look at this!"
pause 2
force %male2 ".look at $player"
pause 1
force %female1 ".look at $player"
//  Need test for Male or female attribute here
//  Inserted improper test just for flow
if $
force %female1 "to $player Nice package baby, know how to do anything with it?"
elseif $
force %male1 "to $player Nice rack!"
force %male2 ".walk up to $player and .lick my lips"
pause 3
tell $player "You quickly move on as they fall in behind you jeering and shouting at you as you go"

I think the answers to those questions are coming in Part 2 and 3, which I am looking forward to very much!
I just showed up, and am pouring over the forum and 'manual' now  just to let you know so you can set up the appropriate stuff.
I'm back! And trying to find the manual... but do not worry as I found the search button ;)
I'm gonna get into this whole scripting thing that all you crazy kids seem to be into.

I dig it.
Mmm... Scripting. I've got a little spare time, I'd like to contribute also.
Well, dig in dude.

What's tripping your fancy?


Anything and everything... What needs doing the most?
People are doing TV Shows, but there arent enough of them.
Can I get that scripting feature added to me?
Here too...still trying to figure stuff out.  think I got the basic concept down but still reading things over and over so hopefully I'll have some stuff that can be critiqued soon.