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Disease scripts
Bad news bears announce their arrival

Before I lean into these too much, anyone want to tell me if I'm doing this completely wrong?

// Common Cold disease script

uses $play_script

as %player

start "symptom"

label "symptom"

random "type" 4

if equals %type 1

start "symptom_a"

elseif equals %type 2

start "symptom_b"

elseif equals %type 3

start "symptom_c"

elseif equals %type 4

start "symptom_d"


label "symptom_a"

tell %npc "You feel the dull throb of a sinus headache, and general achiness in your body.


label "symptom_b"

tell %npc "Your throat feels scratchy and sensitive, and fatigue weighs on you."


label "symptom_c"

tell %npc "You sense the tingle of a sneeze coming on..."

pause for 10 seconds

force %npc ".sneeze!"


label "symptom_d"

tell %npc "You feel run down and tired, and the need to cough."


This is great!