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Concept: Drink preparation scripts
more detailed messages!

Each 'drink' could have more than a .prepare_msg, i could be a whole script.

This would need to work for both PC bartenders and NPC ones.

note that the NPC one would mostlikely be called from ANOTHER script (when you ask a bartender for a drink, that would invoke a script for him to serve you and that script would call the drink prepare script somehow, probably through the bar object)

I'm prolly gonna get toaded for askin' this...I can feel it..things of the past weren't meant to be brought back up

you say more than a prepare message...meaning what exactly? A script that gives a -more- detailed description of how the drink is fixed? :::: Like forcing Jack to bend down and grab a dusty bottle of wine. Forcing jack to pop the cork wtih his thumb.Sending a message to all that the cork flies through the bar as a trail of bubbly follow.Forcing Jack to pour the wine into a glass and set it on the bar before taking a swig directly from the bottle:::: Or do you want something comepletly different? Like righting a script that has the player bartender (Jack in this case) do everything like prepare the drink give the drink to someone tell them how much...wait for money to be given to him and then slot it in the bar?

Give a Tool a purpose and it'll pound away.

(Edited by Tool at 3:42 pm on Mar. 24, 2003)


.prepare "You turn around and grab a bottle from the deeps of the freezer and as it gets out a white layer of ice forms on it. Opening it you can feel the strong alcoholic scent as you pour it into a small shot glass."
.oprepare "%N turns around and grabs a bottle from the deeps of the freezer and as it gets out a white layer of ice forms on it. %S opens it and grabs a small shot glass, pouring the almost pasty liquid into it."

.oprepare "%N leans and grabs a bottle and a small shot glass from under the bar and quickly pours some of its liquid on it an a bit over the counter."
.prepare "You lean and grab a bottle from and a small shot glass under the bar and  quickly pour some of its cheap liquid on it spilling some over the counter."

To be continued....

Is this what you were looking for?

I have a bunch of ideas but will wait for feedback before posting actual scripts.

Admittedly, I was thinking of Rychek having a -very- bad day, or at least .. red in general but ..

Heh, customer service is not exactly top priority, especially on red, now is it? �;)

// Margharita
// Enter here as soon as the %player has told the %npc he/she/it want's a margharita.
// variables that are expected to already be defined
// %npc
// %location
// %amount - the cost of the drink.
// %bar - the name of the object the bartender normally sets drinks on.

uses $npc_centric_script
to %player "You want a margharita? �This is %location! �Where the hell do you think you are, Blue?"
pause 3
do ".walk off toward the back of the bar, grumbling under my breath, and .grab a bottle marked 'M � h ari a �Mi'"
pause 3
do ".walk back, as I .glare at you."
pause 1
to %player "Do you have any idea how much work a fancy drink like that takes?"
pause 3
.do ".Grab and .open a bottle of tequila."
pause 2
tell the %player "You notice the worm floats sickly up near the top."
pause 1
to %player "Next time order a shot or a beer."
pause 5
do ".Lower my eyes as I .pour some tequila into a dented, rusting, dull chromed shaker."
pause 2
do ".Pour some sickly green liquid from the bottle marked 'M � h ari a �Mi' into the shaker."
pause 1
do .look up at %player
pause 3
to %player "You wanted that up, with no salt on the rim, right?"
pause 1
to %player "Good, because I don't feel like crushing any ice, and I don't like you enough to take the time to wet and salt the rim."
pause 5
do ".Cover the shaker while still looking at %T and .shake it 3 or 4 times."
pause 3
do ".Grab under the bar and .take a wide glass with a thin stem and .set it on a counter below the bar top."
pause 2
do ".Pour the contents of the shaker into the glass."
create $drink %booze
pause 3
describe %booze as "A thin stemmed wide glass filled most of the way with a yellow-greenish liquid covered in a slight amount of froth."
@taste %booze is "%T tastes strongly of bad tequila and weak lime juice with sugar."
@drink %booze is "You tip the glass up, a little too quickly. You spill some on your cheeks, and dribble a little more down your chin."
@otaste %booze is "%N sips lightly at the drink."
@odrink %booze is "%N takes a big gulp of the yellow-green foamy liquid and dribbles a bit down %p chin."
@poof %booze is "You drain the last of the margharita from your glass. �You notice a slightly earthy aftertaste as you see specks of brown in the bottom of the glass."
@opoof %booze is "%N downs the last of %p margharita and grimaces slightly."

//not sure on this next command, but you'll get the idea

@portions %booze 6

//I found the 'messages' commands above .. here

do "Put %booze on %bar
pause 5
to %player "That'll be %amount chyen."
pause 1
do ".wipe my brow."
pause 3
to %player "And after all that work, I expect a tip!"

//Exit here and return to the calling script.

Still need more @prepares?

Just list here what ya need and I'll bring up a prepare for it.