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Ambient Population Scripts

tell $player "Off in the distance you hear the squealing of tires and the roar of a car's engine."
pause 7
tell $player "As you walk, the sound of that car gradually becomes louder and louder."
pause 3
tell $player "Gunshots now echo in your ears from the direction you hear the car as the roar of the engine gets louder and louder."
pause 5
tell $player "Suddenly the roar of the engine and squeal of the tires is loud in your ear as a beat up car with what looks like several gangers comes racing around the corner."
pause 3
tell $player "Automatic weapons fire deafens you and the muzzle blasts from at least two guns leave streaks across your vision.
pause 2
tell $player You throw yourself to the ground looking for some sort of cover, heart beating wildly."
pause 1
tell $player "Cheap concrete shatters all around you as bullets slam into sidewalk and building front, glass shatters in a nearby window as you instinctively cover your head with your arms and hands trying to remember if, or when your clone was last updated."
pause 5
tell $player "One shattered tail light is all you see as you lift your head just in time to see the car, gangers laughing at you, turn the next corner."
pause 5
tell $player "Thinking it's as safe as it's going to be, you stand up, brush the dust and shards of concrete and glass from your clothes and move on, the sound of engine and tires becomming quieter as the smell of the vehicles exhaust fills your nose"

This one passed in testing, but when I went to submit it .. it bombed and told me to contact an admin.

Did I miss something or should submitting be working?

avatar the $player as $dream_avatar and call him "%dream"
create $npc as "%guard"
describe %guard as "A burly man in a white self contained bio-hazard suit"
create $room and call it "%entry"
describe %entry "A sterile white tile room with only the door behind you and in front of you"
create $room and call it "%hell"
describe %hell as "room where n00b char start"
move %dream into %entry
move %guard into %entry
tell %dream "A large burly man in a white self contained bio-hazard suit walks into the room from the door behind you and tells you 'Strip!'"
pause 15
tell %dream "The man pulls a large white pistol from a previously unseen external pocket on the suit and aims it at your head."
pause 5
tell %dream "As you quickly strip off your grimy clothes and drop them onto the pristine floor, you wonder why you ever decided to come here."
pause 7
tell %dream "Gas starts filling the room as jets of icy and hot water alternate in blasting nearly every square inch of your skin and turning it raw."
pause 10
tell %dream "Between the gas and the steam it becomes difficult to breathe and you drop to your knees, gasping for breath.  A faint smile can be seen through the darkened visor of the guard as he quickly walks over to you."
pause 5
tell %dream "He grabs a handful of the back of your neck and hauls you to your feet while dragging you to a table in the corner."
pause 3
tell %dream "As the fog in the room begins to dissapate, you see clearly, the stainless steel table and the sign just above it reading 'Full Body Cavity Search'and SIC Implant"
pause 10
tell %dream "Roughly he throws you up onto the table and begins a slow, meticulous, painful search of every concievable hiding place, the smile wide and bright behind the visor"
pause 20
tell %dream "Intense pain assaults you and a crunch can be both heard and felt as a small object is rammed far, far up your nose."
pause 5
tell %dream "Satisfied that you have no illegal contraband hidden anywhere, and that you can now be monitored, he hauls you roughly off the table and heads for the door which opens automatically and you see your first glimpses of your new home, a billboard saying 'you never wanted to kill yourself, until now.'
pause 5
tell %dream "Happy to be done with the painful business of decontamination, you don't mind so much as you are thrown through the door."
move %dream to %hell
pause 2
tell %dream "You land roughly, scraping your face across the pavement and hitting your head against the curb.  Just before you pass out, you look up at the billboard, again, and you wonder if comming here was the smartest thing you've ever done."
unavatar %dream to $player
force $player ".wake up in a panic"
force $player "shout NNNNNNNNnnnnnOOOOOOOOO!"
Alright I've been working on a script so all us recovered V-202 addicts can finnaly kick that little haggard descript this is what I got, �but I'm having trouble getting it to parse correctly, �i get "%npc" variable not defined.
force %npc ".Lead %N to a table and .lie them down.
tell %player "You lie back and stare at the ceiling."
pause 15
force %npc ".Say while fitting restraints around %N's wrists and feet and placing a bite guard in %o mouth, ""This is gonna hurt quite a bit."" �.Turn and .grab a rather large syringe from a drawer and .fill it with a bright orange liquid.
pause 10
force %npc ".Place a hand on %N's shoulder and .drive the syringe into the center of %N's chest.
tell %player "Your veins fill with fire and the world drops away as the syringe empties into your heart."
pause 3
force %player ".Scream in pain as I .convulse uncontrolably, my arms and legs pulling the restraints to their limit. Sweat �covers my body immediatly as the injection does it's work."
pause 20
tell %player "The pain continues to rage on and you want it to end so bad death is a welcome prospect."
pause 15
tell %player "There is a bright flash of light and the world goes dark."
create $dream_room "%room"
rename %room "Firepit"
describe %room "You can see or hear nothing except the fire that consumes you. A pain like no other you have ever felt cripples you, all you can do is lie there and burn."
avatar %player $dream_avatar "%avatar"
move %avatar %room
pause 30
force %avatar ".Scream out but no cry is heard. �My arms and legs .flail about trying to douse the flames that envelope them.
tell %room "%N flails about on the table, a look of horror and unbearable pain twisting %o tear streaked face. �%S cries out that %s's burning and begs for someone, -anyone- to extinguish the flames."
pause 15
tell %avatar "You writhe in agony and pray for any possible release as the flames char your flesh, your hands and feet already turned to ash and thrown to the wind in your thrashings. �Tears roll down your face as you continue to cry out in a silent voice."
tell %room "%N continues to convulse on the table %o screams becomming more and more hysterical, ""Please....OH GOD PLEASE!!! �PUT IT OUT...SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE SOMEONE PUT OUT THE FIRE. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!""
pause 5
tell %avatar "The blackness begins to flicker. �Bits of the real world cropping up around you, standing there faintly only for moments then fading away."
pause 10
tell %avatar "The world goes black and the pain is replaced by a dull ache."
pause 60
force %avatar ".Open my eye's slowly and it takes me a minute to realize where I'm at."
unavatar %avatar "%player"
tell %player "Your vision clears and you can hear the voices around now. �Your body aches and you feel as if you haven't slept in months"
pause 15
force %player ".Look around the room your gaze finally finding the doctor. .Ask ""Is it over?""
pause 15
force %npc ".Nod and while undoing %N's restraints �.say, ""Physically it's over, �you'll need at least 12 hours of sleep, and I'm going to give you an injection of protiens to help to balance what you lost through the detoxification process.""
pause 2
Force %npc ".Grab another syringe and .jab it into %N's arm without waiting for a response."
pause 5
force %player ".Stand up wearily from the table rubbing your torn bruised wrists and ankles."
pause 5
force %npc ".Takes a look at you with his moniters and evaluates the readings. �He then administers first aid to the injuries you incurred during the procedure."
force %npc "to %N Your all done, now go home and lie down."

Go head and let me know what ya'll think and If I'm missing anything apparent. �

I'm far from the expert on this, but don't you have to create the object $npc first?

I think, if you wanted the variable to be called 'npc' it would go something like ..

create $npc as "%npc"
describe %npc "Insert description here"

Here's another one ...

// Harassing NPCs
// Randomly on any North-South Street in Red

create $npc as "%male1"
rename $npc as "%male1"
create $npc as "%male2"
rename $npc as "%male2"
create $npc as "%female1"
rename $npc as "%female1"
describe %male1 as "A grubby looking 30 something male with tattered clothes and bad breath"
describe %male2 as "A grubby looking 20 something male with tattered clothes and track marks on his bare arms"
describe %female1 as "A grubby looking 30 something female with tattered clothes that looks all used up"
force %male1 ".look at $player"
force %male2 ".look at $player"
force %female1 ".look at $player"
tell $player "%male1, %male2, and %female1 glance at each other quickly and then grab your arms and throw you up against a wall roughly, holding you firmly in place"
avatar the $player as $dream_avatar and call him "%dream"
pause 5
force %male1 ".turn to %male2 and .say \"You think this dickweed has any chyen?"\"
pause 2
force %female1 ".look at %dream with an evil look in her eye and .say \"Maybe some metal we can rip out?"\"
pause 1
force %male2 ".smile evily at $player and .say \"If $player wants to live %s better"\"
pause 1
tell $player "You realize that resisting their iron grip is useless as you feel hands patting you down, looking for wallets, implanted cyberware or anything of value they can take, with or without opening you up, and you begin to wonder what the market is like here for spare body parts."
pause 10
tell $player "Suddenly, what looks to be a group of gangers comes around the corner and rushes at your muggers"
pause 3
tell $player "Knives and pistols are drawn, razors slide out of knuckles and a wicked meele ensues"
pause 5
Tell $player "As a fresh spray of blood warms your face, you realize you can move again and you quickly take off while everyone seems to be distracted."
pause 2
force %dream "go s"
unavatar %dream to $player

Gotta love street preachers

create $npc as "%preacher"
create $room "%bar"
rename %bar as "The Drome."
describe %bar as "insert usual description here"
describe %preacher as "A wild eyed man in what looks to be his mid forties.  His long greying hair is greasy and matted, and hangs down past his shoulders.  His robes which were once white are a now a filthy grey, and hang in tatters down to his bare, mud caked feet."
move %preacher into the %bar
tell $player "A wild eyed lunatic runs into the bar, hands flailing about."
pause 3
force %preacher to "shout The end is near!  Repent of your sins while there is still time!"
pause 5
tell $player "The lunatic catches sight of you out of the corner of his eye and walks up to you getting right in your face."
pause 3
force %preacher to "shout You too can be saved!  Repent of your wicked ways and you will be spared the wrath!"
pause 5
tell $player "He turns away quickly and begins to head for the door."
pause 2
force %preacher to "shout He is comming!  He is comming and he is pissed!  Repent now while there is still time!"
pause 2
force %preacher to "go n"

Max!!!! I love your stuff, it's awesome.  You're so creative. I'm really impressed.
Thanks, let's just hope it works ....  and as long as we're on the subject, the descriptions I saw in the stuff you posted was really great, much better than mine.

Maybe we could do some collaboration (sp?) and knock out some really kick$ass stuff!