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How to use Notes Workshop

You say loudly, "Alright! Let's get this started. So first a primer on notes and why they are important:"
You say loudly, "As GMs we try to keep tabs on the roleplay your characters do, but it's impossible for us to know everything you do at all times. Your player notes are one of the main tools we have to know what an NPC might know or not know about your player's actions. For example, during job reviews. It also helps us to get an ideas of the kind of plots you might be interested, maybe we can throw a hook at you based on your goals (no guarantee it'll happen). Staff read every note you write."
You say loudly, "It's fine to note multiple times per day, but if you're writing a bunch of notes, especially for characters that are very active and involved in a lot of stuff, you can consider if you can summarize your notes (less verbose) / write a catch-all."
You say loudly, "Personally (and I am not speaking for the rest of staffers), I prefer notes that read like Twitter tweets. Short, to the point, and I can read them quickly and know what's up. Sometimes, it's impossible to write a short note and you need to writer longer ones. That's fine. <--- This is my personal preference. I am sure it varies from staffer to staffer."
You exclaim loudly, "With that out of the way, we are happy to answer any questions you all might have!"

Alton says loudly, "I'm sure this has been explained before in detail, sorry, but I have been on and off for eight years.... When is it acceptable to xhelp when a GM is needed for the progression of a plot? I have tried in the past to rely on @notes, but sometimes weeks pass with no results."
You say loudly, "It's not acceptable to XHELP unless a staffer has told you to do so. Generally, you should be able to handle it through @puppet-requests or @notes."
You say loudly, "For plots , I mean."
You say loudly, "You can check out HELP XHELP for more information on when it is acceptable to XHELP. XHELP is a high priority system for us and we try to limit it to high-priority topics, if that makes sense."

Friday says, "*speaking english, in a flat tone with a Russian accent* This might be a stupid one but I write my notes in bullet point and short sentences. Is that had to read?"
You say loudly, "I think bullet point and short sentences are great. Personally, depending on the note, I write short notes. Say I am a Chex driver. I had two fares today. I note two notes that read like: 'Drove John Doe from point A to point B. Got paid 400.'"

Steffi asks loudly, "Should we @note about player to player roleplay that happens in private? Like if there's no real reason for any NPC to be aware of the happenings?"
You say loudly, "Player to player, or relationship updates, are acceptable. Don't write a novel about all the stuff that's going on in your character's interpersonal life, in my opinion, but they help us know what your character is up to too."

Garek stands up and looks toward the god Kronos, "If the notes are to establish what npcs might notice. Would this mean it's important for you to note when you frequent a specific public place? The NPCs in that place would possibly over time note your relations with other frequent patrons?"
You say loudly, "Garek, say you're trying to become chums with Rychek to get some favor so that you can request something. Noting that kind of stuff sounds great to me. It is no guarantee we will roleplay the NPC having a relationship with yours, but maybe we will. We read every note and can assess how to react based on them."
Garek nods casually.

Solaria asks loudly, "*speaking english, in a musical, quiet tenor voice* If we interact with an NPC or person in a meaningful way that could be considered plot-worthy or consequence worthy, when is an appropriate time to make the note? Immediately after or can it be before bed that night? What cadence works best."
You say loudly, "Solaria, as long as the note is there, it does not matter. Until you note, there's no guarantee we will know about it, though. SO if you request a puppet after having talked to an NPC ICly to inform them something and you expect them to know, if you have not noted it, there's no guarantee the npc will know unless the staffer puppeting for you was online at that point at time."
Solaria says loudly, "Thank you, that's good to know."

You say loudly, "Noting what NPCs might notice is a great way to get a world that reacts to your actions."
You say loudly, "Another great reason to note is after you do crimes, giving us details not only of how the NPCs might discover you, but also steps you took to hide your tracks."

Tamika says loudly, "How much of facts do you want as opposed to say, our thoughts. I've done a lot of notes that are, Did or doing thing, point a, point b. But lately I've had a few 20 line notes trying to explain my thoughts and preferences."
You say loudly, "Tamika, if you are doing an IC-GOAL type of note, your thoughts are fine. If you're doing something like a crime, I prefer facts and don't mind thoughts or motivation, ideally afterwards. Notes have to be factual by nature, if that makes sense, unless you're writing more of a personal note on your character's metnality or goals or explaining motivation."
You say loudly, "This isn't because I don't love to run your plots, but we get a lot of information and have a lot of work to do, so it's impossible t o cater to every player's plot. We will do our best to include players in stuff, and notes help us get a pulse on where your character is / how we can engage them."
Tamika says loudly, "Make's sense. Sorry for the missives :)"

Alton says loudly, "So even if two weeks pass without any response from a note occurs, xhelping is still not allowed? What can we do to ensure that the plot is receiving any kind of attention? I'm not trying to be a pain, sorry, but this has been a concern in the past."
You say loudly, "Alton, no worries! Happy to answer your questions. There is no guarantee we will be able to cater to your specific plot. We generally don't do plots on request. If you are trying to get 100% a reaction, a puppet request is the way to go."

Steffi asks loudly, "Should we also use notes as a way to explain uncommon gains in specific stats or skills? track training and whatnot?"
Garek asks loudly, "Should notes include points of information we learn about even if we haven't made any interaction with the plot other than learned of it?"
You say loudly, "Garek & Steffi: Notes can be a good way to document what your character is doing, so I find those appropriate. Again, if you find yourself noting multiple times per day on a day to day basis, I'd consider summarizing / writing a catch all."
You say loudly, "If you're writing 2-3 notes every day of the week, that's a point where maybe you can either summarize, or note the most pertinent stuff and start trimming, or do a catch-all."

Nathalie asks loudly, "*speaking english, in a delicate french accent* If I want do a crime like say rob Tony's Pizza, do I make a note beforehand?"
You say loudly, "Nathalie: Making a note about planning a heist is good. Now, if you take a look at HELP XHELP -- you SHOULD XHELP before you commit a crime in a location that established factions might notice."

Friday says loudly, "So most things are not too small? I get stuck in the habit of only writing the big things"
You say loudly, "I think players have a misconception about noting only major, massive stuff. Again, I return to the example of a Chex Driver."
You say loudly, "If you did 2 fares today, writing 2 notes about each or 1 note about it (or 1 weekly note detailing all your fares) is great IMHO."
Friday says loudly, "Cool cool. Thank you!"

Steffi asks loudly, "Oh, I have an idea. Can we write notes about when we advertise our services on pubsic or whatever, so maybe an NPC could offer work and such to involve in a plot?"
You say loudly, "It helps when you go to the NPC to ask a promotion or what ever."
You say loudly, "Yes, that is a good thing STeffi. No guarantee we will cater a personal plot, but sometimes we grab inspiration from notes to stir the pot so to speak (I do at least)."

Tamika says loudly, "How useful are weekly summaries. If you have a job that say is a lot of RP and perhaps not a lot of critical day to day stuff. Is a weekly summary good enough? (you just kind of answered this I think)"
You say loudly, "If you're noting too much, we will reach out to you to tell you to summarize some."

Garek says loudly, "Is it possible to be flagged as - open to feedback - and if people are seeing something I can do better with my notes the staff can chat with me about it? Generalizations are good. Being able to review an attrocious note or just being told - you are doing fine - would be the best sort of assurance that I am not being a hinderence to plot and progres."
You exclaim loudly, "We have a bunch of players, so it is challenging to engage everyone, but I try!"
Garek nods casually.
Garek says loudly, "But if i'm doing straight trash someone PLEASE tell me."
Garek chuckles softly.

Friday says loudly, "The noting advertising is a good idea. With the new bar and store leasers the system is automated but would @noting be something that should still be done for hiring someone to do this or that and advertising?"
You say loudly, "I think work notes are one of the most important notes to write, Tamika. Especially when you then have to go to NPCs to get a promotion or expect them to know when they are puppeted after."
You say loudly, "Yes, I think it's extremely important to note as a lease owner what you do. SIC advertsements, parties you hosted, peopel you hired, the work this people have been doing."

You say loudly, "In general, think about it: would NPCs know about this action I just took? If the answer is yes, I think you should @note it."
You say loudly, "If the answer is no, you can still note it to help us, too."
You say loudly, "But if the answer is yes, I think it's important to make a note."
You say loudly, "We still monitor the game and we will do our best to 'recall' what you did when we are reacting to your work as a lease owner, but if you have not noted stuff, the staffer doing the reaction will miss some of the hard work you've done."

Steffi says loudly, "Is it necessary to note stuff regarding a puppet-request happening? Or do you all do that on your end"
You say loudly, "We write notes about any interactions you have with NPCs when the NPC is answering to you, but you are free to document it for yourself or to write any reactions you're having based on that puppet request."
You say loudly, "If you are talking to an NPC that is not reacting to you, we sometimes notice, sometimes not."

Garek says loudly, "Today I write a lot of notes. Please don't judge me on today. It will be much slower and better in the future. Just trying to make sure people are caught up on me. I completely forget about this command since I come back almost."
You say loudly, "If you're planning on submitting more than 3-5 notes, maybe summarize it in one single catch all. Like what Friday just suggested."
Friday says loudly, "Sometimes when I forget to @note for two weeks the head line is 'General update on life.'"

Steffi says loudly, "I'm out of questoins :)"
Solaria says loudly, "I'll try and be better. I'm ready to go back."
Friday nods sharply.
Friday starts applauding cheerfully.
Lonnie exclaims loudly, "*speaking english, in a slightly scratchy cajun-tinged accent* This has been super helpful. Thanks a bunch!"
You say loudly, "I'll start sending people back unless there's any more questions. Thank you all for coming! I am hoping it helps you all in your roleplay experience. :)"
Friday nods sharply.
Garek dances.
Steffi exclaims loudly, "Thank you!"
Tamika says loudly, "Thank you! Would love more group sessions if you had time. Any topics."
Solaria says loudly, "Thank you."
Friday says loudly, "Thanks!"
Mench waves nonchalantly.
You wave nonchalantly.
Alton exclaims loudly, "Thank you!"
Steffi waves sweetly.
Mench gets up from the gold armchair.
Mench is suddenly surrounded by a group of hungry midgets that begin jumping on him and eat him out of existence.
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