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Help for 'xhelp'

Syntax: xhelp


xhelp sends your message to all connected administrators. Use this when you need help from a staff member.

If you have general questions about commands you can use the game-help channel (xgame) to ask questions of fellow players. 'help channels' for more information on game help.

Do not use xhelp or xgame to ask for information you should discover ICly.

We require that you xhelp before doing the following:

-> Violent crimes in Secure Zones, for example, Green Sector, Blue Sector, SCF Prison, Corporate Buildings, etc. This includes but is not limited to Assault, kidnapping, etc. You do not need to xhelp prior to dipping, tagging, or bombing on the Green sector. You do not need to xhelp prior to Assault or Kidnap other players on the Gold sector outside of Corporate Buildings, but do when targeting NPCs.

When committing crimes, the general idea is that the player needs to think a little and decide if what they are doing might be something that established factions might notice, would care about, and could reasonably react to. If yes, then xhelp first.

It is 100% acceptable for you xhelp us asking about a situation so we can let you know if it's good to go without an xhelp and thank you for checking in first. Sindome is a common-sense game - If it feels like something that should be xhelped, then xhelp. Better safe, than sorry.

There are @rules (4.E (Mis)use of xhelp').

For more information on reporting bugs, be sure to read help bug.


Sometimes you may have a question or come across a problem in the game that you need to ask staff about via xhelp. There are good ways to word your initial xhelp and there are bad ways. Here are some examples of good ways to avoid the bad ways and ensure that your xhelp is answered as quickly as possible.

Bad Examples:
-> I have a question.
-> Can I ask a question?
-> I have a problem.
-> x isn't working.

As you can see, the above xhelps don't help us at all in knowing what you're actually wanting or what's going wrong.

Some good examples:
-> I would like to go do x on y with z, is that okay?
-> I have a problem, I'm trying to do x but it doesn't seem to be working. When I try the command 'y', it should do z, but instead, nothing is happening. I've tried different variations of 'y' and it still isn't working.
-> x isn't working, when I try to do a, it should give me the message 'You have big nose' but instead it doesn't give any message.

As you can see, the above xhelps ask us the question instead of asking to ask a question. They tell us the problem, what you've tried, what you expect to happen, and what isn't happening so that we can quicker delegate your xhelp and assist you further.

Please, help us, help you.

help ic
help foig
help channels
help bug
*Last Updated: 06/02/22 by MirageGM*
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