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Help for 'vacation'


A character vacation is a break away from your current character without giving up the first character (per the rules, you can only have one Sindome character). The automatically generated vacation character is completely independent in knowledge, experience, history, family, etc from your primary character. The minimum duration of your vacation is 6 months. When you begin your vacation, your current character will be kicked off, have its password changed and you'll need to login as the vacation character whose login credentials are automatically given to you. What was your current character (aka your primary character) will not be able to login.

Please note the following when considering a Character Vacation:

-> You only get one Vacation Character, per character.

-> Your character must be a year old to take a Vacation.

-> You will automatically get your new Vacation Character when your original character goes on vacation by boarding the flight.

-> There is no scripted or coded IC vacation experience beyond boarding your flight. This will be improved at some point, but please feel free to RP your vacation as you deem appropriate upon your return.

!! important !! - Please DO NOT vacation your character if you have recently made a large kill or RP situation that would have follow-up RP. This takes away the fun from everyone and halts any RP that could have happened. It's bad form, if you have doubts then feel free to xhelp to get confirmation that it's okay to Vacation.

Visit a NeoTrans Shuttleport ticketing kiosk for pricing and additional disclaimers.


Vacations are roughly 6 months long. You may make a case for extending your characters vacation in 6 month intervals but it remains at the discretion of the GMs to approve this. Should it be denied you have the choice of perming your vacation character and returning to your primary, or converting your vacation character to your primary at the cost of the former primary character which will be reaped.

In order to return, your vacation character must make a Cyberpunk Exit. Exceptions to needing to perma-kill may be made under specific circumstances at the discretion of the GMs, but these are few and far between.

Let the GMs know you plan to perm your character. Plan a fitting exit for the character. Ensure that you have wrapped up IC plots, and then execute (no pun intended).

When your character is permed you may xhelp and ask to be allowed to return to your original character.

*Last Updated: 07/01/22 by Fengshui*
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